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72. Should we all be swing voters?


In this episode, we're talking about swing voters. Do you know one? What makes them tick? Should we all be swing voters? What constitutes a 'swing'? Let's discuss!

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Hello, I'm Christ and Parison Otto and I'm had a ferguson and where co founders of cheek media go. This is the weekly Cheek podcast. Before we saw this podcast, I would like to acknowledge that we are on the lands that are owned by the Yago interuble people lends that were never seated. Welcome back to the weekly cheek hello, I didn't see welcome. First of all, join our patron. Where are they gonna dude these we done four episodes today in the day and we done plugs to everyone. Yeah, after this little photos a month, join a patreon. Get access to our close friends where we talk about spicy things. Okay, so today we are going to be talking about swing voters. Thought it was a good time in the lean up to the election, and to start off with, I want to say something that my partner said this morning, which was he was like, I wish I was a swing voter. No one has any no one has as much attention patient as swing voters, which is so true, because we all know like campaigns are for swing voters, like the battle in Australia at least, like probably a lot of other countries that have two party systems. Is like the late labor and the libs fighting over the swing voters, because it's a swing voters that win elections every time. All lose elections. Okay, so I put up a story just this morning that said, what are your thoughts on swing voters? You know some what makes them swing? And one of them said, I love it because it gives off like what makes you tick. But I've see. Yes, yeah, I felt like it was a weirdly worded question. Good. So we start a bit not too aggressive, fencitis, accurate, someone said, deluded. Your thoughts on that? I know, I I think that. I mean, I think that what we talk about a lot on the pod and just the two of us and a little paravd covers this, is that we can guess what we say. Is like, okay, so if someone bran like describe themselves as a political or moderate or conservative, like what's I think we're talking about before, like what's your hierarchy of like people you prefer to talk to? Yeah, and I think that when we talk about swing Vose, it's like, well, I'd actually they're the most likely that I am to talk. Like to talk to them because I think that I can understand someone wanting to change their mind, maybe based on the leader, based on the representative, and they're electric and I don't think it is the worst thing in the world to have voted maybe more conservatively in the past because someone was particularly good in your area. I think that maybe ten years ago was a completely different story, but now it's not, because I think that this government is holistically failing. Yeah, but I don't think they're deluded. No, I think it's more that they don't care and they're not engaged. Oh then deluded. That's how I would describe it. I one word, disengage. I think we talked about like a spectrum of what is disengaged. You've got people who don't care to the point where they don't want to vote, and then I think that in order to be a swing voter you have to be a certain level of engaged to swing really yeah, interesting. I just think it's kind of like that. It's like looking around during election time like, Oh, what interests me? Okay, that cool, sounds good. I don't that's fair. I think that that I think that a swing voter maybe, considering the current government and what they've represented, it's more on the basis of maybe I think of swing voters more is like caring about what's recently happened or what the public vibe is like, what the conversation is, what society's responses to these people. Yeah, and I think what we'll talk about for the pod Start and we should clarify is like what our view of a swing voter is. Yes, so there is one that prompted this. So someone has responded to the poll, to the story. I'm swinging from ALP to Green's because of environmental policies and...

...the way that I see a swing voter is, first of all a swing. I would not say a swing voter is someone who has like gotten more progressive or gotten more conservative in their lifetime and like used to vote a certain way and now, because they're morals of changed. I don't see that as a swing voter. That's a single swing exactly. I feel like a swing voter in my going back to go back for forth. Agree, but that person might go back and forth. I doubt it. Maybe, but even like ALP to the Greens, like I'm not going to get into a debate about whether Labor is a left party. They are for the left than the lips of they are. Say They are the center. On the on ABC's vote comes, which isn't perfect, they are center, Greens are left, lives are right. Yeah, well, the ALP is, I think, isn't it? Just like to the left of the exact middle? I thought it was the middle. Okay, anyway. But in terms of our two party preferred system, they are the left party, the left leaning party anyway. But the point is I don't see in my opinion, going between Labor and the Greens. Is Not a swing voter, I would say. I actually think they are, really, because I think that we're being a bit reductive to say it's only between the two major parties, because it's still a swing and if we measure on that basis, I'm a swing voter. Well, I just think it's about the outcome in the government. No, because it's about your vote. To me, interesting you are a swing voter if you go back and forth between parties. Also, I think that there will come a time in our lifetime where the Greens might be a major party. Yeah, why, just said there will come a time might right. I believe they're that that time will come. Yeah, so I think that it technically is by definition they are major party now, but like they can't be the performan. I guess what I think of a swing voter. I don't think it's fair to just do two major parties because it's really about be outcome in their electorate. So they might swing from Lib to an independent to labor around, depending on who it is. Yeah, and that might influence the outcome of that election for that electorate. I think that in my mind, when I'm thinking of a swing voter, I'm thinking of someone who is like drastically changing and changing back. I do think it's as drastic as we see, because I think the majority of swing voters swing between the ALP and the Liberal Party. Yeah, but so I get what you mean. Like I think maybe before we're doing this episode I would have agreed, but now that I think about it, I think it. Yeah, it's a bit unfair to say that because you can swing them more than just the two. I the other thing is because in election time the Greens are not like it's only labor and the libs who are targeting swing voters. Yes, the Greens are not looking for the swing vote. Oh, I don't think that's I don't think that's true. I do. Why? Why do you think they're not doing that? I don't think that Greens are like Labor in the LIBS are looking to like grab this certain this number of people so they can win the election, so they can get votes. It's not really about like their beliefs or their policies because like the major parties, like I mean, I think you could with no question argue that they say whatever to get elected and then they just do whatever they're going to do anyway. But I don't think that the Greens. I don't think it's part of their like strategy in their process to try and grab those swing voters at election time. I but I think that view might be because I don't know if this is harsh, but I think that might be your view or that's the that's the reason I'm against that view is because I think there might only be perceived, because they're their policies radical. So it doesn't feel like they're aiming at conservative men, because I think that the procession of what I mean, but what a swing voter is in this country usually as a middle aged woman, white woman or man who is yet meet, engaged and just goes with the flow. Of like who the government is at the time. Yeah, and changes their perception. And so what we see, yes, I agree, is like labor and the will try to grab this little group of people and change their mind every election. But I think that I get what you're saying, but I still think...

...that the Greens do really like some policies are clearly aimed to move people further left. I don't think it's that group of people necessarily, but it's still trying to swing votes. Yeah, I just don't think they're doing the same thing. I get no, but I think they're looking to radicalize people. But every campaign is is a campaign to influence swing voters. It's just that. Again, I think it's based on your definition of what a swing voter is. Yeah, yeah, whereas I they would be swinging votes. So that mean the whole point of a campaign or being a political parties to try and influence people and get your vote. Yeah, so they're trying to swing everyone. Yes, but I get it. So you're saying if it's only between the two major parties, of course the Greens aren't doing that, but because I think you can swing between everyone. Yeah, and they are. So you think you can swing between Labor and the Greens. Interesting, but then what if you vote and an independent one year? Is that a swing? Yep, interesting, because I don't believe in the idea of being loyal to a party, political party. That is that's very much like a no, no for me. Well then, that's why I'm thinking now. Yeah, it's very interesting. Yeah, but I get but I think a lot of people would align with one of our views. Like I don't think one of us is right. Yeah, I think that it's it's just your perception, because but it's like to me if you're swinging back and forth, if you I have voted for the Greens and I vote for Labor. So swing. Yeah, I vote for the Greens and I vote for Labor and I vote for independence and I voted for a certain conservative minor party that I talked about in a different episode. You can go and listen if you like. A fession confessionating of Christians. Different person. Yep, who was she? I don't know. Luckily, yeah, I think it. I mean it. I guess it does depend on your perception. Yeah, but I guess when you're voting for someone, the intention is that you would want them to win. So that's a swing, no matter how you look at it. Yeah, but I get what you made. It's swing of the government. To you were it's a swing of the electorate and the elected official. To me, yeah, for me it is it. It's the government because, like, I know that in this country we are voting for our local Reps. I do understand that, but I just don't think that that is like that's how the system supposed to work and I just think the system is flawed and it doesn't in reality work like that, because if you have a Greens local member, then unfortunately they don't have the power in the government all the time. So it is, it's I think both ways would have been correct. Yeah, it's just think that's what yeah, but also I think that what we might find is, if we look this up, that'd be a definitely definition and one of us is wrong. Well, I think that the definition would agree with you, because I said so. The definition of a swinging voter is like a voter that like moves rous a relax it as fuck. But then you know I'm gonna Suck. The more I think about it, the more I'm like, well, shouldn't we all be SOE sing it's concerning to me anyone who is absolute. Yes, exactly, and there wouldn't be many of those people, because I've then think it comes back to the person as opposed to the policy. Yeah, and I think the point of a voting system and a democratic system in this country is that when someone's not performing, you fuck them off. Exactly. And you know, the other thing is, in terms of and that this kind of contradicts what you've just said. In terms of politics, I am again not loyal to a party, but I am loyal to the idea of progressive politics, and I think it comes down to your own personal theory of change and how you believe that you're, I guess you're like hopes and dreams for an ideal society can be a cheat, and my theory of change is that is small, incremental change and sustainable changes that don't have the and there's no threat of them getting removed. That's my personal theory of change. So but for other people, like you know, people who are, you know, more into like anarchy, it's like burn the fucking system to the ground tomorrow. So I really think it just depends on who you are. And so for me, when I'm thinking about politics, I'm thinking about Progressive Verse Conservative, Not Party Politics,...

...and so for me, a swing vote is someone who swings between progressive and conservative. Okay, that's my thought and I think that's that's very clever. Thank you, Queen, but I I just I I think it might be too simplistic for considering that. I think that, especially this election, the outcome is going to be so interesting. Exactly. I think that, like, votes haven't ever countered as much as they going to count this election. I'm going to see some serious tial independence. Yeah, and I think we're going to see an increasing Greens seats. Yeah, so probably really interested to see how that plays out in terms of deals. Yeah, and I think that what that equals is faster progression. Yes, well, this person has said, I was once told it only swing voters understand and uphold democracy, which pretty much is what we've just been talking about. I think, to be honest, it is like as much as I say like Oh well, I've swung MMM, I'm because I'm not your definition. In my mind, I'm not a swing voter. Yeah, because I will never swing that away. So you're contradicting your own point. No, I'm saying that I'm not a swing voter if it's by your measure, but I am by my own. Yes, right, but the point being, I think it's still like if I saw with him Labor in the Greens. I'm undermining my own point here. It's like a weaker swing. Yeah, it's its own swing. Yeah, it's kind of like saying a swing like within a swing. But yes, if a swing was on a swing, yeah, I and then the little swing moved, the big one wouldn't move that much if you think about it. Yeah, it's swing sception. But okay, what is the perception of someone swings between the Liberals, one nation and United Australia party? That's a swing. Yeah, but it all ends up in the same spot. See, that's the thing for me. Just so in one nation and Clive Palmer vote, those parties historically most of the time vote with the libs. So it's like that's where your vote is getting back to. It's not the same. It's not the same. No, no, because they see it as like I'm I'm going against the major parties, even though, but it's it's just comes down to like not understanding how preferential voting works and not understanding how those may a minor conserved this actually vote when they are elected in the house or in the center. But if this is the other thing, is it like for the Majorit of the time the Greens would vote with Labor. Right, a should. That's not the same. Labor and the Greens are not the same. But we're saying that all this conservative piles the same when they're not. You said Labor vote. I don't think it's necessarily true that Greens most of the time vote with Labor. Sorry, but do you think that there is more of a distinction between those two parties than the conservative parties? No, I think it's the same idea. I think people treat them in the same way. I might upset people with that, but I just I think. I think it's the same kind of thing, the opposite. I don't know my plan. Because people vote Greens because they don't think Labor is conserved. Is Sorry, people vote eat Greens because they don't think Labor is progressive enough. People vote one national Clive Parmer because they don't think the lives are conservative enough. I think it's the same type of thing. Yeah, but yeah, it would be interesting to look at the numbers like don't do Greens vote with Labor more or less than one nation voting with the lips, because I'm not sure. I couldn't definitely say either way. Labor and the lives agree on some stuff too. Swing voters think they are superior beings. No, they are treated like that by the media, by politicians. It's good. Everybody wants. Yeah, but if we like at a baseline level, like nick is right, everyone like this is a very common view. As someone who knows who they're voting for and the political parties know who I'm voting for. Yeah, they're not aiming at me. No, don't give a fuck. I don't care. They're like locked away. They don't give a flying fuck. Yeah, if, if you're locked in, why would they try? Exactly, what's the point? Do you want them... try? And No, are you asking me? Yeah, but I guess, like what would what would? And this is one of the questions we put other day. Well, what'Scott Wriston have to do? What would the Liberal Party have to do to get our vote? Because I think that's a relevant progressive yes, and then not. But this is this is a question like I don't think I'll ever vote for the party in my lifetime. I I love how that sort of in a way indicates that after my lifetime, I will, after I'm die, after I'm dead. But like, there is nothing. No, if they start, if their policy represented, that Green's policy, maybe, but as never going to happen. No, exactly. So there's no way. Yeah, of course, I don't give a fuck about me. Yeah, what I care about and the means that I make every day, even though you should get very clever. I'm very smart. I just think that, at the end of the day, like what they they're not, that every party is going for the people who can be moved. Yeah, okay, well, that was absolutely profound. Profound. I don't know how they can still be swing voters in this day and age. You're either a biggot or you're not. Queen, I love that, spacey. I think that, again, that that's depended on your version of swinging. Yeah, exactly, I guess you could. Depending on my mood, I would either say it's probably a little bit reductive, but I think that people voting for this current liberal national government, you are a bigot or you're voting as your interests. Yeah, whine and also just just to repeat, when we're talking about a swing voter, we are not talking about someone who has swung and is now stuck. Yes, so if you have swung, because we asked to other day, if I asked people if that had ever voted liberal, mm, and a lot of people said yes, when they were first voting, we lived at home, you know, all the vibes very common, and I was very much like that's okay, yeah, it's fine, because me I but I think that if you have been a liberal voter or a conservative voter and you have swung and now you are a progressive person who will vote for, say, the Greens Party, yeah, you are no longer swing voter. No, by that definition, right. Yeah, so we say like you're other a bigger or your not will if you've proved about of the Liberal Party, you no longer do that. You're not a big at you in that category. Yeah, just want to clarify. Yeah, agree. I think that is the key part of a sweet like the idea of a swinging voter is like you do move around consistently, like that is your if someone asks you, like what are your politics? Yeah, it's like, well, I'm a swing voter. Yeah, Oh this is someone has said. I know a usually safe Lib who can't vote Lib this time because the butt budget was shortsighted. I haven't heard about that one. Most people who I've heard or are not vote, who are libs who are not voting Lib is because of Scott Morrison. YEA, same. I mean it's interesting that the budget would turn someone you know when you see things online and you're just like wow, that really that really angers me, but it's not going to change anyone. Yeah, it's interesting. It is interesting because I didn't understanding Eve a fuck about the budget. I'm like, they're just going to say anything they want. But it like I think the prediction that wizard it would be shortsighted in the aim of it was twining election. Yeah, like that comment. That's the point. If it's an election year, that's what the government's doing. Whoever sing in parliament, I don't think they care about politics unless it affects them or they think it affects them. Could be definitely true in some cases. Again circumstantial, but I agree. Yeah, agree, but I think this comes back to the debate about engagement levels. What makes a swing voter. But then I think that when you get to a certain point of like swinging, it's because they don't actually care enough. Yeah, but I think the swing voter we want to be talking about is the swing voter that is engaged. Yes, swing voters a conservatives who want to have it both ways. Want to have it both ways, but it could be like the old the fave, the socially progressive...

...physically conservative. That's what I'm thinking. Like they like to be branded as a progressive, but they don't actually vote progressive. Yeah, I think that's what this person means. Yeah, those people, like cancel saying, often view politics as sport and want to be seen to be backing the winner. I agree with that. That is so fucked up, I know, but it's true. Yeah, I think I agree. It's just like people who just get on the it's like people who like repeat media propaganda like it's their own thought. But with this election, like who is the winner? WHO's the horse? Yeah, I guess it's Albo, because Scott is like widely hated even among liberal diehards. Yes, agree, back the winner, back the winner of Rom's form, Back Sim he is the winner. I think people say they swing vote as a cop out to avoid accountability. Yeah, I think people hide their vote that way. Me Too. Yeah, or the site goes into the like. We should, I think, at the moments, like a bit of an old school mentality of like, Oh, we don't tell people who we vote for to secret, embarrassing. We don't. We don't actively say who we're voting for. On Cheek, because that's not allowed, isn't it? No, it's not. And it's not my job to tell you who to vote for. And if I was going to share who I'm voting for, I would, but it would not be on the premise that that's my recommendation, because actually my recommendation to you is that you've are aware of WHO's in your electorate, who the best option is. Yeah, exactly, and the audio votes based on how to vote card or your view of each candidate, and that is different each electorate. Yes, so, like, I actually don't want to share my vote, Pillo, because unfortunately it will probably impact some people's view and perception. Yeah, of Cheek, but also have they should be voting and that's not what we're going for. Yes, exact. We're trying to educate people to go out and research for themselves what's happening in their area. Yeah, we have had a lot of people who like asked us who they should vote for or like tell us what they'd Planish to do and asking us if it's okay. Yeah, it's been the majority of our message at the moment and it really concerns me, to be honest, because it's not my job to tell you know, that's the opposite. Mony know, I'm here. We can't be anybody. We could be anybody. I mean we're not anybody, but like where somebody? We are absolutely nobodies. But it's not like that would just be absolutely against my values. Yeah, because I think that what we talked about a lot is we're very progressive and we have very particular views and we love sharing those things, but the the main thing that we want to create here is a conversation where people go away and from their own view. Yeah, the whole point of cheek is to get people more politically engaged and a where aware in terms of education and understand what is happening in politics and how to make sure that your vote reflects your values and also engaged in like literally getting out there and like getting involved in volunteering and having hard conversations and things like that. So we don't even though, like sometimes people asking who to vote from, like, hmmmmally about a Parishon like in my personal life, I do refrain from doing that because I really think that it's just like not really like it. Then what are you going to be doing the next election? Going up over to someone else, someone who's just there on like asking them, like, I think it is really important to actually know and at the end of the day, I have said this before, I truly believe that an educated and like informed person, someone who is across social and political and worldly issues and actually knows the facts, is going to be a progressive person. That's my true belief, and so I'm not afraid of people doing their own fucking research. Like if people someone's trying to stop from doing your own research, and that's a fucking red flagged. I'm absolutely all I'll say is, are we putting the Olmp last and Lep last? Someone has said they are annoying. Don't they understand you vote for your MP, not the PM, which I think is a point that I kind of rushed on before. No, people don't understand that. First of all, no, but I also think that while I'd be probably towing that line more in an another election,... this election I think that what we've been doing at least, and I think it's one of the best ways to inform people what's going on. Is that the problem with the Liberal Party? The primary problem is got Morrison. Yeah, obviously I'm not like, Oh, I love everyone else fucking daisies and side times coming out of their asses. Yeah, but I think that also in our personal lives when we are trying to convince relatives, and this is why it's not fair for me to say what your vote for your MP, not your PM. Is that like the Line of marketing that works best? This campaign is not antiliberal. The liberal messaging is quite strong. Still, it's Auntie Scott Morrison Messaging the works best. Yeah, so I'm we're having chats to our personal life with our family members and he's got Morrison talk is the best way to convince someone to vote against the olymp exactly. So I feel like it's not fair of me to say like yeah, you, maybe you're in pain. I pm, because then it's like that message doesn't really work with that view. Yeah, I think it's just complicated. It really depends on the election as well. Like you've said, it's just Um and I think at the end of the day, like the pivot. Like the biggest thing for me is that, no, people do not understand that. Yes, and even though we that is the sit that the system we work with in the fuck. What's our system called? Federalist Democracy? No, like the what's the it's like the British system, Westminster, the Westminster System, the system we work within is I mean it's not perfect or easily but it's like not understood by everybody, and so when you work in a system and the majority of people misunderstand the system, then you could kind of argue that you're working within a new system. Yeah, to in order to swing votes. Oh, my partner, for the first time won't be voting libs. He's come a long way. It's really like excellent, clean. Good for you for sticking that out, because I personally wouldn't have no good for you this person. I said that baffling. Our ALP and lmp really so similar. Yes and no, I think I think that swing voters don't see that as a point. No, I think that's probably what they see. is the point really that this is similar in depends on pulls at the time. MMM, because if you saw them is that far apart, you probably wouldn't swing. Do you think that's fair? Yeah, I see a big difference from my perspective, but I also think that, like, on things that matter to me, labor votes with liberals and that's concerning. Yeah, it's I think it's I think the people that tow the line of like they're just as bad as each other. That's fucking bullshit. Yeah, but I think that it's not fair to say that they're completely different either. Labor is moderate centrist party and they're not doing enough, but at the end of the day they are the Horse I'm going to back in this election out of the two major parties. Yeah, right, so they're not as bad as each other, but I think, yeah, as a swing voter, you'd have to see you you'd have to see them both align with some of your values in order to swing. Yeah, Oh, I don't think it's about values. For a lot of swing voters, was about policy. What's it about? I think it's about or benefit. Do you think people care that much about their personal because I think what we're talking about earlier is like you're saying all they disengaged, but they disengage how they know what the personal benefit is? Truly taxes, but then they would always vote liberal. But labels, not give not doing tax cuts this selection. No, I know, but I don't think people are engaged enough to know that. HMM. I think they just see one thing. I think that a lot of swing voters just see one because I wanted to police. Yeah, and they're like cool, yes, sounds good, but I see that. I think that's the better argument. Is they attached to one and so I guess that is still but at a personal personal is. Yeah, you're right, the issue is something that benefits and personally, yeah, and it's single issue. Usually. No, agree with that. I think that people, when people say that, I think that the types of whole who are saying, oh, they were on with Betatya found that. I just saying it is a cop out because they don't actually want to look into it. I the thing for me is like when I see a Labor government, I see potential for serious progressive policy, and when I see a liberal government or a conservative government, lmp...

...whatever, I see the threat of really good, solid policy and legislation. Our country being reversed. Yeah, at the end of the day, that's the biggest difference for me, and I know that they do vote together a lot of things, but I think that in terms of, like, again, my theory of change and, like how I see the future of the country, that is the big one. Yeah, if you didn't find us a completely insufferable, come back next when's play for a new episode. Could also find us on instagram at cheek media core or online cheek Mediacom. Dodate you. Yes, that's all. That's the one.

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