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90. Sexism and the media


In this episode, we're talking about an old classic - sexism in the media! Particularly when it comes to journalists covering women in leadership and prominent positions.

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Hello, I'm Christin PARISONATO and I'm Hannah Ferguson and where co founders of Cheek Media Co this is the weekly Cheek podcast. Before we start the PODCAST, I'd like to acknowledge that we are recording and living on stolen land of the Yager and turable people. That sovereignty was never seated, and I'd like to acknowledge older's past and present. Welcome back to the weekly cheek welcome today we're going well. Today we're going to be talking about, Um, the media's coverage of women in leadership positions. Specifically, I think it's come from Santa Marin and the leaked video of her. Oh my God, scandalous, Sana, I was trying to think of that. What is that? Sucking Day launch a coup? She's not fit. That's actually okay. We'll start with the game. Game. Yeah, I've prepared some and by prepared I mean I just googled something and took green because I'm very organized today. Um, some either headlines or quotes that men have made about women in leadership positions or, and it's not just I've got one that's like not a leader. But I will give you a hint okay, Um, and it's just like you got you get to guess who the women leader is, whose experiences? Okay, don't worry, there's no one that I don't think you'll know. Oh God, okay, quote in an interview directed at a woman leader. I've met a lot of prime ministers in my time, but none so young, not too many so smart and never one so attractive. Just send the other. Yes, yes, it's sad. But also tried to speak about in this interview he was it was child's Wooley. So the sixty minutes guys for Australian and Um, in this interview with just Sinder, he made reference to the date of conception of her child and how like it was clearly during the election campaign and was insinuating and asking questions about that and she was like it was when the election was done. Ha Ha, but like tried to stop that. Oh, what the what is the point he's trying to make? That she had sex slash was campaigning. How did the police next? Okay, so this is Mark Latham talking about domestic violence in respect to a particular prominent particularly prominent advocate in the space. So obviously it's not about this person but it's in reference to this person's story and I just want to see if you can get the guest the person, which I think you'll be able to. But I think this is just fucked up. Mark Latham suggested that domestic violence was a coping mechanism for men and accused the individual of using their platform, Um, like their domestic violence advocacy work against domestic viole, as a political game campaign against all Australian men. He then went further to say that the feminist left used domestic violence as like a curse of political correctness in Australia. It's part of the curse of political correctness, and then suggested that women are safer than ever before. Oh my God, Oh no, it's not that very suggestive for the person, but I want to say, Clemford, no, rosy baddy. Oh Fuck. Okay, this is just a line that a famous person used about another woman leader. She is like the stereotypical bitch. You know what I mean. Question Mark. Oh my God, it's hard because now I'm making you question who you think is most likely to be that description, which sucks. Yes, Um, I feel like it's Hillary Clinton. It is Glenn Becks, abt about Hillary Clinton, anyone who has chosen to remain deliberately barren. They've got no idea what life's about.

Julie Gillar, yess was that a super fun game. I think like the worst thing about it is not that I was like Um, yeah, it is a bit, like who do I think is going to be called a bit, but I feel like there's like so many I mean there's just like general, like misogynistic treatment of women, but I feel like, Um, like particularly male commentators latched onto a specific aspect of the person. Like, for just into Ardurn, it's like, well, she's hot and young, so she's like inexperience and can't be the prime minister, and then for Hillary Clinton it was like, well, she's a bit and she's a big meanie, so she can't be the president, and then for Julia Gillert, I was always like unmarried, no children. Yes. So I feel like there's always like a thing that people latch onto and then so much of the commentary is like around that aspect of them. One of the other bits I was just reading about Clinton was they were someone said like does America really want to watch a woman age before their eyes? Every day. What the okay? News slash. Everyone ages before everyone's eyes at all times, literally all times. I'm dying right now. Yes, we are. If you're watching this on youtube, you're watching US age in thirty minutes. That's crazy. I think. I think I'm going to age significantly over this conversation, to be quite honest. Now the thing that triggered me was that there was this headline in the Australian that I actually want to read out. So the Australian published this opinion piece. Ambitious women can be leaders, but must be accountable. And then the sub petting is the unlikely Trinity of Santa Marinacinda Durn't and Megan Markol have to learn that with power comes great responsibility. Yes, you fucking silly little women. You don't know what fucking responsibility is. I didn't realize that. What. So, what is it that we have to be women who have to be held accountable? Yeah, we can be leaders, we can be allowed. I didn't realize that was specific to women. So that's an interesting I'm going to take that on and like platform in life. What has Megan Mirchael done to offend this person? I think she's released a podcast. How dare she? Well, did you hear? What fucking which one is it? The K the Carl, the Kyle Carl? So in her pod, I think. I don't know if it's her podcast. I think it was. She got interviewed by someone. Was that Serena Williams? You know, that was the podcast episode. She interviewed Sa Williams. Oh, oh, copy. Okay, I thought Serena Williams interviewed her. Maybe she did. Anyway, I don't listen to the podcast personally. There was a podcast. Look at us and we have a journalistic rig up. These conversations need to be prepare about something. What should what happened? But this is the minimum. Basically, we're still doing more than all of those people. Um. So, basically, Megan marcle talked about, Um, there being a fire at how she was staying at and her it was in her baby's nursery and the baby was like taken out of the nursery, UM, like not long before the fire started. Basically was the story. and Karl Stefanovic was like, so you're telling me that she was upset because there was a fire and her baby wasn't even there. Like that was literally his take. He was like so there wasn't. The baby wasn't in the nursery, like, I'm sorry, does they have to be? Like? Okay, so for for a woman to be upset about her child, there needs to be a fire, like what within a foot? Like what the absolutely, how absolutely fucking dare this man get on his platform, which is fucking massive, and say ship like that? Like to me, I see that and I'm like, he doesn't even almost have a point. He is just that is like, at the very least, a microaggression against a black woman. That is all I saw when I saw that. I'm like, you hate her and you have picked up some fucking random little sniffet of simmit of a podcast... like validate your hatred of this woman who in some way has obviously offended you at some stage, probably by existing as a black woman. must be adjacent to the royals. fucking that man. Fuck, I'm just really awful. It's not to do with women's fucked up. So and there's been a bit big outcry, but this, this is fun. So I think it was yesterday. Turns on. When this podcast comes out, of anyway, whatever it's gonna be in weeks from now. Kyle described, I think it's monkey pops, as the big gay disease and that it's only the gays getting it. Before asking a gay caller to the show if he was fearful of getting it because of his sexuality, asked asking if he'd seen the dirty scabs that everyone gets. We're not letting any gaze near our baby, the monkey POPs, the big gay disease floating around. It's only the gays getting it. What? What? Baby? He's got a baby. Oh Jesus, that is awful news. Oh No, is it a girl baby? Okay, let's find out. Oh my God, he has that. He is a father son. Oh, that's worse. It's not that son. It's bad. Yeah, it's bad both ways, just in a different way. I actually think, in a way that his daughter will just be like the classic socialite, like with an overprotective father, whereas the son is now going to be like Andrew Tape Light. Yes, exactly. Oh Jesus Christ God, this is is the state of our media. I don't know what to do. Like that is just two examples of the Kyle Carles of the world who a few episodes ago. Fuck, I wish had something constructive to say, but I'm just learning the information, so I'm just processing still. M I it's just funny because a woman dancing in a private space with her friends at thirty four years old tells us everything that we need to know about the way that politicians are expected to behave and the demographic that we trust with leadership. So when we look at someone like Santa Marin and we see this outpouring of like, you know, she's not fit for office, and all these things around the world, what it communicates and reminds us of is that one no politicians at the moment are in our world, are really of the age where they have that digital footprint like it's about to explode onto the scene. I think it's like if I run for politics, eventually, like fuck, there some shit out there right, and I'm quite aware of that, and I think there is for most of us. But I think that what this looks like and what this translates to is these big questions about what people's private lives can look like and what demographic we trust to be leaders. So, like I think that at the moment, what we associate competency, trust and leadership with is like this Pale, Male, stale over fifties, demographic right. It's funny because evidence tells us and history shows us that those people are funk withs and the whole planet's going to die because of them. But also think of like all of this allegedly real. I think we can actually started. Didn't say any month specifically, Um, but the thing is, like we know that those people like, particularly in I mean we know in Australia that, like, there are male politicians who are like abuses and harasses in their workplace and like that gets little to know airtime. Like remember when the camp inside the Campbell Cambra bubble came out and everyone was like, oh my God, it's going to be fucking huge, and then it was like nothing, like I don't understand and white. We all collectively didn't be like what...

...the absolute fus is going because this is how it happens for men. Here is an allegation, allegedly, and then we go oh, but we can't ruin his life based on an allegation. We don't know his fitness as a person. Independent inquiry. Why would Scott Morrison is not going to do that to our attorney general. Blah, blah, blah, Blah Blah. Conversely, a woman dances in a private space is forced to take a drug test and address the fact that she danced in a private space. What is the question around her competency with that? What is the question? What is the risk? What is she doing? Is it because she has a private life? Is it because she's enjoying herself when she's supposed to be at the helm of a country? Seven? Is it because she has a husband and small child? I think it's because it's seen as promiscuous dancing. Holy fucking ship. That's the because, because imagine if, like an older like one of our former any of our former prime ministers, exceptionally Gillard, was like filmed dancing like the the public reaction would be like, ah, what a silly what Alarican, I see. But because she's younger and attractive in the gender standard, beauty standard ways. And it's because we don't, people don't trust people younger than them as well, like I think I looked and I think dead set legend right, but I think that people of my parents age would even be like, she's thirty four, like is she capable? Is She up to? Its stupid ideas of when you're capable and when you're mature enough and when you should hold responsibility, and we just know that not to be true. I trust her more than I trust a fifth year old. I trust her to make pocisions about the world whereabout to inherit because she's part of that world. Oh my God, it just upsets me so much how much she's been subjected to and I'm she her. Her response has been so impressive. Literally, the equivalent of her response has been I'm not going to apologize and this is going to continue. I understand, but I'm not gonna I'm still going to tain a private life and I have a life outside of my job and that's that's the other thing. Is like the the private lives of politicians that we accept are beer on the weekend at the Footy, beer at a music, music Gig, going to church, having a family, having a sort of kept wife. Is Always this sort of view that Australian politicians have had, because it's only really been men in leadership. Remember how they treated Julia Gillard. She had a partner that she was not married to, who was a man, who was a hairdresser, and what did they say? He was gay. They all said it, because I think that's the thing. Like if it was Julia Gillard who got Um, you know, in quotes court dancing, like the rhetoric would not be like it is for her, but it would not also be like it would be for our been easy dancing. It would be like, Oh my God, that's so sad. She wants to be young. Remember, there's amazed dancing video. Oh yeah, that was mem and that's the thing. For older women it's embarrassing exactly, because it's like you're too old, yeah, because you've aged. So it's like an unfortunate pity thing, yes, which is really sad because like, obviously my political least do not align with trees and made for the record. But I actually thought it like it endeared me to her. I was like it's like a woman who's like in a very important position, who's not afraid to be a bit silly and doesn't take herself too seriously, like that's what that says to me. But it's also like someone like just into Odur and she runs her own socials. So like often she gets on and does like a like alive in the morning before she's doing a press run or whatever. And I think that endears me. She posts like this is what my daughter baked for Mother's Day or Blah, Blah Blah, and that sort of ship like that is personalizing and an individualizing the experience, like people should feel like they have some sort of personal like I think it's actually a testament politicians that reveal that they have a personality and a personal life outside of their job. Yeah, that's not fully polished. Also. I think that and again with like. And it's not necessary and have to be like young. They don't have to be in their thirties, but um, we are like young people. And just you know, the Western world in general is expecting different things from their politicians now, like we don't really like I see uh,... know, Polish, like PR perfect press conference, and I'm like, Yawn, boring, say something. But then I see like just in the ourdern, who did all of those Um Covid livestream from her bed, like in her pajamas, talking about stuff and like answering questions that real people had typed into the fucking box. Like that's what we should be, that is what we want and we have communicated that over and over and over. But because we're not represented properly in like high levels of government. No one's doing absolutely and like, I think, like anyone can do that, like Albansy can do that. Also, he can pay people to fucking orchestrate it for him. Like you don't have to be a young woman to be able to do those things. Anyone can do it. It's just like to me, it says I don't give a funk about young people and I'm not interested in engaging with them. And we can see the like AOC does it as well, like a lot of question and answer with real people addressing real questions. And that's the thing is like why, to now has it been so normal for people to be at arms length with their own constituents? Yes, that's not normal and it's it makes politics inaccessible. They're not celebrities, they literally represent us on a global stage and like someone like Scott Morrison has a fucking personal photographer who follows him around, and that's who, that's where the pictures for social media came from. Great, so mad, so mad. Right now. Do you think it's Uh m, do you think it's getting better? Because that to me Says No. No. I think, Um, it's there's going to be a series of waves. So I think like which for Julia Gillard, like she was the first really awful Um, and she had a lot of specific things, like there was a lot about her being ginger. There's a lot about her dress, her size. Um, there's a lot about the fact that she was Welsh as well. So, like her accent was attacked a lot. You've got Alan Jones and the chaff bag father died of shame. I watched the TIKTOK with all the cuts of the clips of people saying awful things about her and I started crying again last night and keep doing that. Um, just into don as the third woman in New Zealand. Yeah, looking at Santa Marion like she's about to do what no one's really done before. Like she's thirty four years old. That was in the youngest prime minister ever in Australia was dirty seven and like ten months or something. I know that because when I was in year four I googled it because I wanted to beat it, because I'm a very, very normal person. Some time clean. I think I do. I have thirteen years to do that. Yeah, that's agent. That's exciting. Handle PM PM Right now. Imagine that no one can beat me. Then I just I think that I don't know. I think also like the fact that it's been so long since Julia Gillard. Like it's going to be at least three years until we could possibly that's as soon as we could possibly have a woman prime minister. And that's it's been like a decade longer. It'll be longer than a decade. I don't know if that's just like pessimistic of me, but I just don't really who is the up and comer right? I thought had a chance. Um, anymore, I don't think. No, and I don't see any women at the forefront who are about to take charge in the Australian politics. That's the thing they do. And I actually Um so I did an interview with Um a like someone who follows cheek yesterday Um for an assignment and she was talking about diversity. The project was about diversity in gender, diversity in Australian politics, and I said, and I fully stand by it, obviously this ship it's got to be fat, and I said, like it's not like Labor has fairly good Um Jenner sweat in terms of men and women. The binary ratio and I think they're about fifty fifty in the lower house, about Senate. Um. But it's not enough for them to just have those women there. Like I don't want to see them like on the back bench just like hanging out, being like existing. And I'm not that might sound blittling, but I'm not saying they're not doing things in...

...there for their electorates. But like you need to do more than that. I just don't think you can like claim it's a good start, and I fully stand by that. Like gender sweet is really good, but it should be kidding. But I just think that, like that's not you're not done. Like the DEPUTYPM is also a man, so you've got two men in charge. And, like, I know there's women in the cabinet, but like which one of them is getting prepped to be the next leader? Like when are you going to see that person? And then for the LIBS, like there's absolutely no chance, to be quite honest, if you ask me. So I just think it's not enough to just be there. You need to be like doing things, and I think that that's what Um. And I don't know a lot about the international leaders who are women, except for Margaret Thatcher, who did opposite and she made sure that there would be a very long time before they ever saw another woman prime minister. But I think that Julia Gillard actually did a lot of work to make sure that things were easier for the next person, which again like if it's going to be like twenty years, and I don't, unfortunately. I think it's going to be like faded and they're going to be seeing the same thing again. Absolutely, maybe the third maybe I'll go home and watch strong female lead and cry for two hours. It was very good. It's very good, very good, and one of our followers did the sound mix. Yes, shout out, shout out. Not sure for your names. Sorry, but it was excellent. It was. But at this point, like again with like the gender swit in Australian politics is not so bad at a national level, and still we're getting this like I don't. I don't think it's not enough for women to be around, like what do? What needs to happen? But they're more than around there, you know, like I look at Labor's cabinet. It's really, really excellent, but it's it's still like the the overarching feeling, especially in the lead up to the election. I think will be the same next election. Is Like, Oh, don't put a woman up because you know they'll lose then. Yeah, it's like it's too risky. And even that, that innate fear is so disturbing. Like I think that for the federal election last time it was like I firmly believe they're probably conversations behind closed doors about the risk of a woman between put a second Bill Shorton or elbow. Yeah, preparing for this one. Yeah, like we have to be in Scott and I even get that. Like our conversations were like you kind of might have to put a man up because that's how you're going to win over, like you're going because of the disgusting sexism of the Australian public. Absolutely not, because I'm like wow, they're not going to women. I'm not going to write a woman in it. It's more that I know what is too Australia is and it's like my parents would ring and say like Oh, why won't penny won't do it. I'm like, are you fucking serious? People Love Penny One, but I'm like Australians do not love yes, yeah, they don't love diversity, and she represents two, at least two forms of diversity. Like three. People cannot handle that. Yeah, no, I would. That would be my pick. Penny would be my pick. Also, she'd have to come. Actually, don't that the Prime Minister and Senate. But can you imagine? People don't understand that either. No, they don't. But people, well, people don't understand because when when you say, like, why can't Penny Bomby PM, the default responses what, she's in the Senate and everything's fun. Everything's a fact. I actually wonder if if at this point, because we're seeing more gender diversity in politics but we're not actually seeing it in those prominent media positions, the media commentators, because those problems come when Um, these like old conservative and sexist men are interviewing or writing or talking about the women. So what if there were women in those physicitions? You do have women those positions. You have you had leave sales and Laura tingle at seven thirty and then you had Patricia Cavale, so you know, is replacing Frand on radio national, and you have like, obviously that's the ABC, but we do have women like Lisa Wilkinson carry big more on the project like our in those freedom air national positions. We do have women and yet the voices that just drowned out of the fucking Peter van Oncelin's, the fucking Andrew Bolts, yeah, Ben Ford and...

...these funk wits. But I think if you had to look at it, and maybe this is so bold of me without having the facts, but I think that there is more diversity in Australian politics than there is in Australian media right now. You don't think so, to that to the level, I don't think you could argue that without knowing. I don't know. It seems like there's a lot more men. The vibes are that there's a lot more men around talking ship ABS. Can you establish? Well, I guess the thing for me is like there's no women in those like conservative media's. But then why is that exactly? I got to look into this even row commission. But also those women wouldn't say anything different, like they wouldn't say much different to the men. Yeah, but they, like Peter, brainwashed exactly. Well, Peter Kredlin, I'm like, she's not gonna if she interviewed Julia Leverage, I feel she did. I'm sure I wouldn't be like wow, Peter krelin would have been Tony Abbitt's cheaper staff at the time. I cannot get over in Malcolm Temple's book that he wrote that if Peter Cradlin and Tony Abbott were having an affair, that was the least interesting part of their relationship. As Spicy as fuck, I love that. Please give us the dates, if you know any dates must if you didn't find us a completely insufferable, come back next Wednesday for a new episode. You could also find this on instagram at cheek media co or online at Cheek Media Dot Com. Donate you. Yes, that's the one. That's the one.

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