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56. What's the power of one vote?


In this episode, we're talking about the power of one vote, Kristin explains the preferential voting system and the importance of numbering every box on your ballot, and the myths conservative parties feed us (they're not that good for the economy).

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Hello, I'm Christ and Parison Otto and I'm hard a ferguson and where co founders of Cheek mediac this is the weekly Cheek podcast. Sorry, it's a forty two million dollar donation to hill song. What also, government spend is good for the economy? Yeah, it is not to be controversial. Not to be controversial, but I'd liked about to go to school and hospital before we saw this podcast. I'd like to acknowledge the owners of the land, though are on the Yagoan trouble people. This land was never seeded, meaning it was never formerly given up by the first nations people who lived here, and we are living on stolen land. Welcome back to the weekly cheek welcome, hello, hi, hi, okay, okay, I have an ethical dilemma now. It's came to me in a dream. Okay, and this is what sparked the idea. Okay, okay, and it's when you hear this you'll be like, that was in a dream for you. That is so funky, embarrassing thing, ha ha. Okay, you're in a voting booth. Okay, right, you just going to vote democracy. Sausage about. Literally. I was dreaming of a of a polling booth or, first of all, journey sausages. Imagine this. Democracy. Sausage is a very inclusive charity by because there's a Vegan. Okay, sausages. Okay. Is the sauce? Would you prefer to Motel Barbecue? Barbecue? I'm more of a mustard gown myself. Just mustered on its own. I do mustard and source to and CONTRAMATO. Yeah, so when I say Saso Jug in tomorrow, I can't make you sorry. You're in the polling booth. Hmm, you have written out everything you know. Bang, Bang, Bang, Amang wring. I've got something. I know what I'll doing. Finished voting. Okay. Folded paper, MMM, walking towards the box where you drop in the slit. MMM, you see someone has just dropped their paper onto the ground. It hasn't gone in the hole. You pick it up to put it in and you see a one next to the libs. I throw it. I throw it in the box. That's the question. Same Democracy, that's the same as me. There's a Bein no one's watching. I would tell everyone about it, though. I'd be like everyone look like a photo of what I am doing. I would too, not only because I'm a rule follower, because I believe in democracy. Yeah, yeah, I think it's yeah, I think it would be wrong not to, even though this person's a fuck with who didn't value their voting, not to get in the fucking box. But literally, I would be watching the votes rolling with my eyes Peel. Yes, did I do that? Imagine if it was by one. I mean that never happened, but but would say you would do the same thing. Yeah, what if I had Paulin Hanson one? Same Yeah, what if it was a donkey vote? That was my other question. It wouldn't matter where you put it, that's the thing, but I would still put in the box. Yeah, okay. And what if someone was like stop, what do you think you're doing? You have to voting papers? I would say, I'm excuse me, this is on the floor and I'm just fulfilling democracies wish. Imagine if they saw you pick they didn't see you pick it up, but they saw you holding both, and then they didn't believe you when you said that yours was not the one that had lived one and I'd be ashamed. I would rip them up really quickly so they couldn't do anything with them and then run away. No, I wouldn't was in my dream, I would put it in the box because they couldn't do anything about it once it was in the box. True, what if they grabbed you on your fat the entire box for that? If you like to buy this TV show, please slide into our DM yeah, and will release the IP with for a fee. Yeah, no, democracy all the way. But that's where I wanted to start, because I'm in question today is like, what is the power of one vote? Well, yeah, it's and also, like, just a brief comment on that. Like, even though, like, I had this dilemma and I reade an article about... on cheek, about the anti vaxss protesting, I would like fight to the death for the right to protest, even if it means that there are people protesting about causes that I think are very dangerous and harmful and manipulating vulnerable people. And I think the difference being that when the majority of anti ex protests have been during health orders and they've been opposing mandates. Yes, I mean, I don't believe in them breaking health orders to know it, yeah, but I believe in the right to protest. Yes, and I would fight for yes. I'm not saying I would directly fight for an antibaxers right to vote as but I would fight for the right to proach it. People just takes out of context. Is Little Clip at CLIMP. Yeah, I didn't say that now. So, yes, the power of a vote. How election year, Queen's coming up in some time between now and May. Yes, hopefully around International Women's Day. That's what I'm hoping. I don't think you'll do that is not that stupid. HMM, people get angry that day exactly. They definitely did last year. So we did want to. So should we talk about preferential voting? Sure you. You did a really good explain on it. That never want anywhere cut its three minutes long. Yes, I have unfortunately not posted up, but one day our world it's impossible to explain in less than three minutes. I tried so many times. So this is how preferential voting works. So when you walk into the polling booth, there are lots of people around from each major party at least, but oftentimes each party, and then people for independence, and they will hand you a hout of vote card you but look at it you will assumably it's actually the amount of people taking out of votes is actually declining. Apparently only about fifty percent people of people take the out of votes these days. It's good. So those how to vote cards are obviously on you how that candidate wants you to vote. A lot of the time preference steals are made between parties and independence. Yeah, ahead of time, and so, for example, Labor almost always put preferences. The Greens is number two. Yeah. Or also, before I go any further, for a federal as starting election, you must number every single box for the vote to be counted. If you don't number every single box then it will be thrown away. And then there's slight different rules with the Senate paper, which is the really long one. Sorry if this is basic for people who are advanced voters across this stuff, but I think it import it's because we don't teach it in schools. And for the Senate, you just just like make sure you follow the instructions and ask someone at the polling booth booth if you're not sure, because it is really important, as we illustrated. One vote or and and and I think that is one of those things that is really scary and it's not taught and I think that you get in there with these huge pieces of fuck off paper and sometimes it is confusing and it's easier to get it wrong than to ask yeah, because it can be one of those things where everyone doesn't so you're expected to just know yeah, and it's just not the case. But like how we supposed to know? No, literally nobody knows. Some people think that how to vote Caus our instruction. Yeah, they are not fucking instructions. If you take it from a party or candidate that you fully trust and believing, you can just copy it from the how to vote car. But some people obviously don't understand that, especially exactly. I can imagine, you know, an eighteen year old or even a really elderly person going in and just just going yeah, that's easy, and I just think like it's a shame. Well, there are so like so in the last state election in Queensland, which is in October, two thousand and twenty I handed out, I volunteered and I handed out how to vote cards for one of the candidates and there was so many peep families who came in and I was like kind of in like a ritzy suburb. Families who came in, like there were a couple with like one parent and two, you know kids when they were obviously adults because they were voting, and they would all just go to the liberal candidate. Yeah, and the parent would take the how to vote and then she would make sure that both of the or all of the kids got the how to vote and then went into the polling booth. To me,...'s so obvious that you are then going to go and copy down exactly what the liberal did and it's just a way to like, I don't know, stop like independent thinking, because you're just going to voting booths with your parents while you're living at home, and then you'll probably move out of home and start doing the exact same thing of your own accord, and is going to one candidate and then following their how to vote. anyways, back to it. It depends on your state. I'm not sure what the rules are in every other state, but in Queensland in a state election you must number every box as well. Yep, and then again, I don't know about other councils but in the Brisbane City Council it is optional preferential voting. So you can just put a one, you can number a few of the boxes or you can number all of the boxes. So there are a few different like categories across Australia, so make sure that you are across it. But for the Fed relation you must number every single box. So polls a shot at six PM. Everyone starts counting. There are people who are designated count the votes. are also scrutineers from each of the candidates who watch the counting so that they can say if something's unfair right. And this happens if, like, you have a question mark, like maybe a one looks like a two or something like that, and scrutinies can like basically decide whether it should be counted or not. And they just said to keep an eye on things. They'll take every number one and they'll apply it to whoever people put number one at. So in this example we're going to have for candidates. So we've got a liberal, a Labor a green and an independent in this example. So let's say that by the time they have allocated whoever like the number ones, you've got like, let's say, a fairly even split between the major the three parties and the independent is like a long way back. Let's say they only got five percent of the vote, which is pretty average for an independent in a regular seat, and then the rest of the votes are about split three ways. So then the independent has like not one the election. So then they will take all of the ballots that have the independent lists as number one and they will redistribute based on the number two with those ballots. So they'll distribute those across the three and then again, out of the three, whoever has the least votes, their ballots will be taken and redistributed based on number two or number three, if number two has already been kicked out of the race. So they will keep doing that until they have a majority. Wow. So it's quite a complicated process. That's quite important. What you put up to number one. Yes, exactly, exactly, particularly if you're not voting, if you don't vote number one for a major party, it is so important. I mean it's important all the time, but but truly, if it's a made a body, then if it's if you're putting not putting number one for if you're not voting a major party for one, then it's very likely that your preference is going to be used. Yeah, but you should always assume that your preference is going to be used. So a lot of time when I vote on like a bigger ballot, I'll actually vote from the bottom and like who I want the least. Yep, yeah, and like put them as like the biggest. Not Make Sense? Yeah, because you don't want to like get towards the end of it like a fuck. Yeah, like when it's like pulling handsome verse Clive Partner. Terrible. So, yeah, that's preferential voting, very important, not to be underestimated, and preferential voting is what makes elections like almost every seat it will come down to preferences. That's actually really fascinating. I think that's something that people do not consider enough. No, they don't. They don't. It is a shame, though, because like basically what what it means is that think about who you like most want and like second most want, because the person you second most of it might get it. Or now I'm winging up on every time I voted. I know, stressful. It really depends on the issues and that also is why it's really important to look into all of the candidates. Yeah, and not just make assumptions based on like,...

...their party or whatever, but it also means that it could be. I mean, I'll be voting for a major party at the federal election, but wonder who. Well, a lot of time if you put it independent or Greens for number one, because I have put Greens number one before and an electroc that they were never going to win. Yeah, exactly. So you need to make sure that it's important that you put like yeah, you're you're more realistic. This is the thing is that I've always done that. I've always paid close attention, but not necessarily because I understoo the preferential voting process well, but because I think that my vote is so fucking important. Yeah, and that's see, that's in a way it's lame, but I don't I think that what I find really, really tough, and I don't know if I'm just being a massive fuck off nerd right now, but I've always enjoyed voting. An embarrassing thing about me was that I turned eighteen in two thousand and sixteen. That's embarrassing, notion. That's it. That's all right, but I turned eighteen in July two thousand and eighteen and I was supposed to be able to vote because the election that year Malcolm Turnbull was the prime minister and the election was basically a summoned to be in November, but then the double dissolution meant that it was in July, two weeks before my birthday, and I didn't get to vote. No, I was really upset because I I had to wait three years to vote in federal election. That is a long time when you're someone WHO's engaged. So I've only voted once in federal left time before. True. No, is that true? Yeah, yeah, twenty and nineteen. Yeah, how awful, awful, and your first election was so horrible. It was. It was very and actually it was a really dark day. HMM, because obvious reasons, but I think because it took us by surprise. I think, I think the deal and I think that we were in this position three years ago where we thought there was no whether they're going to win and we were really confident and then we didn't win. Yeah, and I think that this time around it is different. It feels different than momentum. Feels totally and utterly more powerful, I think. But I don't want to get my hipset because I think that we were so burned not three years ago. But I won't stop thinking that my votes important. When I get up like to vote in State, council and Federal Elections, I'm excited and I know that's lame, I know it's embarrassing, but like the fact that I get to vote and contribute to who is sitting in the most powerful seats in this country to determine change that affects my life. Yeah, feels powerful and it feels like a big decision and it feels like an important one. And I will argue the death that everyone should have the right to vote. Yeah, and that everyone in and I believe in copulsory voting right, and I fucking and disgusted by the idea that we should have the voter ideals that the government wants to it right, because that is literally them trying to eliminate part of the voter base that will not vote for them. Yeah, but I think that what really upsets me is that I see a lot of people, and unfortunately a lot of young people all the time, who get up on voting day and treat it like a chore and just put Down Random Shit like donkey vote. Shit, a donkey vote is essentially when I mean it. CAN CAN IT BE? Of Writers? It just when they number one to ten, say down the page. I know that's a legitimate vote if you do that really. Yeah, as long as every box is numbered. So that's another thing. If you just vote one to ten, you fucking voted. That's an official vote. I thought that was classified as a donkey vote. No, a donkey vote is when you just like put nothing on the paper or like draw a smiley face or yeah, but I see, I was I was not sure about the one too, because I thought that in there is a world where someone would believe that's a vote. Yeah, but that is why, when you so, they do like like draw out of the hat to decide who goes which order. The go one on the ballot. Yeah, and like the first position is like the most coveted, because don't ky the people who don't care. Yeah, that makes also this the second most covered is the last spot, because some of those people number from the bottom up. That's interesting. I think I want to be lost. I was last on my ballot in the...

...states. If I think I'm if I'm thinking correctly, you tick, because there's do you. I do of the I don't think they're number necessarily have preference or voting as your voting for the president. Yeah, yeah, you do a tick or you do a right in. Yeah, Kanye when an American, I can't believe how good all people cared about that. They were just like okay, yeah, like honestly, like in two thousand and twenty. Seriously, that's so fucking wrong, like do you actually think that it's your time to like shine anyway? Whatever, I'm not quite an arrest, but yeah, no, I think that what upsets me is that, like, and I don't know if it was the last, it must have been last like federal election, I remember waking up using all these faceook videos of like Tradey guys that were getting up like whoever the fucking vote Boll Anyway, or that, these joke videos, and I remember just thinking, like feeling so sick that I put so much value into my vote and these people that have the exact same say as me couldn't give a less of a shit. Yeah, and I understand the people that disenfranchise and unstain people aren't educated on the issues because, you know, it's really hot, like it's really hard to stay interested when it's this fact and politics has been sold to us our entire lives is born because they want us not to care. Yeah, so we don't feel empowered to vote against the powerful. Exactly. But also it's like there's a lot of research that I'm not going to tell into, but you can google it, and I'm sure Alice cons will just believe me when I say this, but the conservative parties are always the ones pushing for less education about how the government works. Jesus, no citing funding yourself. It's well, it's because is. I mean, like history has shown that they are like probably more likely to be corrupt and they bank on us not understanding how the economy works because they want to shut us our us that that they are good at it. Yeah, they are fucking not. There is literally no fucking evidence that Labor are bad economic managers. No, I think, and you know what's funny is that even at Christmas time, my brother, who's about to vote for the first time, I was like, so, what is actually like? I love it, I literally want to media company that's trying to inform young people about politics, and he was like, so I don't understand, like Labor Liberal, what is? And I was like you fucking follow us? Am I doing a terrible job? Should I re about my entire CANVA profile? Anyway, and my mom, my mom was like, so the liberals are good for the economy and then Labor generally spends and they fund education, health, like that, infrastructure. They're like really good for employment, like Bubba, but they put money into things, they spend money. And you know the Liberals about the comic, but that's not true. That's not true. Also, government spend is good for the economy. Yeah, it is not to be controversial, not to be controversial, but I'd liked about to go to school and hospital. Oh, it's controversial. I am learned. Well, I am says jobs, creating jobs. I don't want to sound like a Labor ad. This is not about Labor creating jobs. Is Good for the economy and that's undeniable. And I think the thing being that all my life that has been the RHETORICA is gone in my ears, is my parents saying liberal economy, Labor spending, but in the areas that really impact lower and middle class people. Right, because he's not the people that have private health, he's like, but it's also because they're like upper echelon of society doesn't need people to spend on them. They need tax breaks. Yes, so it's actually liberal tax bakes for the rich. Labor ice. What? I read something that I thought was fucking funny or mot score some Mo anyway. Oh Yeah, back to people who think it's funny to joke about not knowing who devote. I there are so many people that I'm just done with this year, like I'm actually officially just giving the them up. You're done, you're at us, and one of them... people who say that they like something to the effect of, like they don't care about politics, or they're not a very political person, or politics doesn't affect them. I feel like America went through this last year. Yeah, I'm like so fucking done with you, because there you've had so many opportunities to understand and like saying that politics doesn't influence your life is like just the most privilege and ran thing you could say, exactly, and I just think that, and I know a lot of people are like. I probably people who I'm not necessarily like in our audience, but they're probably people who like intersect in our audience who don't think the government is the answer like don't think that. Yeah, the setup that we have is like the ideal set up, which we true, yeah, which is fine, but it is the setup that we have now and you like so, like, theoretically, I'm tally many with specifically, but if you are like antigovernment, that does not translate to not fucking voting. Yeah, like, sorry, no, if you're, if you truly believe I'm getting so angry, I don't even know anyone like this. But like, if you don't, if you're fucking sick of the government, that is more reason to pay the most attention to who you're voting for. It's not a fucking reason to be like, Oh, I hate the government and I'm just like going to throw my ballot away and get my sausage. Fuck you. Wake up to yourself. No agreat and I think it doesn't luck. I first ray to I think that one of the things is, like people say, like, Oh, I don't, I don't listen, like, I don't, I'm not political and I think all of those quotes you're saying right, pick me, but it's like me, that's actually a pick me girl. It is. No, absolutely is person but I think that part of it for me is like, okay, explain your day to me and I'm going to tell you all the points that you interacted with the government. Yeah, so true, Quen. You pay taxes. Yeah, you drive on roads. You probably have gone to get a COVID test, you've probably tried to buy a rat. You have probably like, like have you gone to and it's like, have you want a mask? Today, have an although these things are not inherently political and not necessarily should be. All of these things that we're running into at the moment, and never more than now. Did you go in the ocean today? Did you find it was a bit warmer than usual? Even do you have a job? Yeah, your rights every single day depend on the decisions that are made in that fucking place. Is that right? And I think that to say, Oh, I just can't and just to throw in the towel is ignorant and as especially for people, I think hopes, especially with young people, because I can, I can in a certain way, sympathize with people like my grandparents age, who are just like done right. I mean I generally done with everything. Yes, life, yes, they are old, but something that my mom says, and I get what she means, and I can appreciate and actually to follow. A message me this the other day, not me, but ask but me, because I'm on the Instagram, and she basically said, like it is easy to live in La land some days. I'd like, and my mom says, like I of course I agree, and but it's the same. You shouldn't know. And there's a thing. My Mom's like, but I love my bubble that I live in, and I'm like, but literally, we're in a fucking global pandemic. No one's existing in a bubble. And also when Sydney, when you said I was in locked up for four months, everyone was very happy to get on the press conference every day. I watch the numbers. Yeah, people were never more politically engaged and more aware of who is representing them then when it directly affected their lives and came into their homes every single day. Right exactly. And it proves to me, it proves coronavirus pandemic, how engage people can be with like the smallest rule change with the smallest you know, like changing their situation that affects their home, like what. They can claim all these sorts of things, and I think that it's proven, like what is possible to get people to get off their asses and think about this shit and care. And also it's because the pandemic was the first thing that like actually affected everybody. That's the thing. Like all of these people who, for the first time, we're engaging with the government because of covid... that's what disenfranchised people do every day. I think about that. Yeah, just because you're lucky enough to be able to like cruise along and actually and like I know it get makes me angry and people say, well, doesn't make a difference, which like who's in power, because not because I necessarily think it's not true, because it perhaps for their life. It doesn't actually make a difference for people, for people who are very, very rich, like a small or a slightly less small, sorry, a significant or slightly less significant tax break probably doesn't make that much difference to them. So I'm not saying that like, yes, it does make a difference, but I'm saying that, like, just because it doesn't make a difference to you, perhaps you should fucking think about someone else for a change and think about people who actually are affected by these changes. This is a thing. I mean, it's all well and good for me to put my vote to good use in the way that I perceive. But in end the day, I am planning on like I would like to have enough money to comfortably support myself going in like growing older. Right, but I always hope that one I will never consume to an excess of being like a upper class, rich, rich person. But second of all, I don't want to vote on behalf of myself the more that I move up in the world. Yeah, I want to vote on behalf of someone that it the the government affects more. Yeah, right, like and again liberal Labor. It doesn't have a necessarily that direct of an impact on my day, but a fuck it does all millions of Australians exactly where. They have access to different social services, welfare to they have domestic violence plans, you know, education, hospitals, again, all this infrastructure that like, Oh, labor spens what on fucking protecting us? Holy Shit, outrageous, outrage is. How dare they do? But I think that we should think that. Just start a thought is when people say it doesn't affect me day to day, it doesn't affect me. I think that instead of saying like, let let show it, like, we should probably be thinking, like, well, why? Why doesn't affect you? Yeah, because I think the answer to that is either like confronting your own privilege or confronting the fact that you don't give a fuck about everyone else. But that's the thing, because for me, like it does, even though logistically, no, it doesn't affect me. I own a property, so actually I could get benefits from the liberals being in charge. Honestly, when you really look at it, the benefits for someone who's not like ultrue rich is like so small. But anyway, look into it. But for me, like personally, the libs being in power, even though it doesn't affect me that much logistically in terms of like what I think is important, it is it affects me a lot. Yeah, because I want to live in a country that, you know, doesn't put people seeking asylum into prison and doesn't, like ignore the problem of women being allegedly raped and assaulted and harassing workplaces and doesn't ignore their rights of first nations people and does not allow them a proper voice in parliament, etc. Etc. Secual like it does. Actually, like, when you say it doesn't affect your life, like why? Also, why are you calling yourself out for being a ignorant, ignorant freak. Yeah, it's really embarrassing actually. I just think that to turn your head away is just communicating so much to the world, and I think that we's need to start question that more. I think you're right. It's not necessarily like, oh, well, it should all well, think about someone else for a change. Why doesn't it affect you? Yeah, Oh, okay, well, it's acknowledge that it affects millions of people in this country. Exactly. Maybe you should consider them. Yes, if you didn't find us a completely insufferable come back next Wednesday for a new episode. Could also find this on instagram at cheek media co or online cheek Mediacom. Do Date you? Yes, but thaw, that's the one.

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