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Episode · 9 months ago

67. Election season is not the time for infighting


The election has been called for May 21, which marks the end of an accpetable time to argue with people who are already on your side. Let's talk about it!

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Hello, I'm Christ and Parison Otto and I'm hard a ferguson and where co founders at Cheek mediac this is the weekly Cheek podcast. Before we start this podcast, I would like to acknowledge that we are on Yago interable land and I would like to mention once again that cheek mediuco fully endorses the Uluru statement from the heart. If you don't know anything about it, definitely Google it. We've also got resources linked on our side if you scroll all the way to the bottom. All right, this in this week's episode, we're going to talk about an issue very close to my heart and mine, just your heart, my heart to Ironic, I know, I know, that's that was the that's the job. That was the joke. Once you find out what it is, which you don't know yet, what are you gonna say? The Bachelor Franchise? No, roasting. The bachelor franchise is very close to our hearts. Yes, but we're going to be talking this week about fighting with people who are on your side and I think that we did touch on this, and by touch I mean delve quite heavily into it, in our previous episode, one of our older episodes, which is what's wrong with the progressive left? Yes, so the radical left, I think. Yeah, what are the problems with the radical left? Yes, which went very well, because people clearly want to hear this shit. It did. But let's go. I mean we're kind of like flipping a coin without and now I agree we're flipping our argument, but I think we'll get to the purpose. Yeah, we'll tell you why. So the election has been cool hauled, as you know. Hopefully it's on the twenty one of Mark May. So we're going to be there's going to be a lot of like political chitchat among like, you know, depending on your your life, maybe at work, maybe with family friends. There's going to be so much of it in the media you're not going to be able to be reading about anything else except the election, like for the next couple of weeks. So there has been a few times in the last couple of weeks when, and particularly because of the nature of our work and like having a public platform, we talk about politics. People do always want to talk to us about politics and I love talking about politics. It's fun, I find I think it's important. I would much try to talk about politics honestly and anything else like if someone was like come and tell me about the whether I'm like boring, go away, I want to talk about important stuff. Obviously. However, I think that when you do have a public platform, both like in the comments sections, like, honestly, I've just stopped reading all of our comments because people, and me mainly on Tick Tock. Yeah, Tick Tock is like that shit needs to be moderated. Oh yes, I just booked in my mouth and I'm tasted. Really, I didn't even hear. It was like powerful, but I've been like sitting on it for a minute. Like also happened a little while and you're like, but it was when you were in like that bit where you were saying we want to talk at the serious things. So I was like been not come out with like wo serious coffee for a better by my mouth. But I think there is and that I have been in a few situations. I'm not going to eve any details. That's a secretive so secretive we're like I have found myself getting into, through my fault or otherwise, into like little arguments or debates that like don't actually really matter at the moment. Yeah, and like Hana and I did talk about this a couple of episodes ago about how we sometimes fight about the very small details and nuances, like even though we agree. I think that's a part of our friendship. It ISS yet and like that stuff. That is really fun. But also it's like based on me to keep going, he's based on like...

...contextually, it's like kind of just what we do. It's it is genuinely challenging and stimulating argument. That's why, exactly, and I think that when we talk, you know in this you went we had this episode of critiquing the left and blah, blah, Blah Blah. I think that part of it is that during most years it is really interesting and I think part of being a progressive is having discussions about what level of progression, what speed of progression, what are our values? What, you know, what sort of vision for the future we aiming for? They are valuable discussions exactly. I think the point of this episode is with one month, six weeks until the election, whenever this comes out, it's not healthy or helpful to be fighting with those you're on the same side as. Yes, when we launch cheek it was like the weekend of the US federal election and we wrote this article that was like. It was basically in reaction to a lot of like the left in the US being like well, Biden's no good either. Yeah, and the point of our article was like, can we please to have a fucking second to be happy that like that fucking orange is not in office anymore. It is relentless. Yeah, and I think that's part of it is, you know, you have a win and you get someone who is incompetent and incapable of holding that office out, and you get someone who is capable and who does have experienced about how fucking old, white and male they are into that position and the first thing that is said is, well, I won't be happy until we burn the entire system to the ground. Yeah, that is exhausting. Yes, I can't cope with that sort of stuff now because, and in a way this is I mean, I don't know where this is going, but I do you know when people say like they live in their bubble and they're allowed to be happy and you sort of turn off from the headlines. I don't want wrong, I'd but I also feel like some people in the radical of might say that that's what we're doing by doing that, by saying like you're celebrating a small win and you're just like happy with that and you'll stop fighting now. I can see how that's an argument. That is similar to me saying to my mom, no, don't turn off the TV, don't turn off, don't close the TAB. Look at that Shit, right, but I understand that there comes a point and my view is like, well, every step is one step closer to whatever vision we're trying to make for our future, the fucking survival of the planet. Like, my thing is like we're extinguishing fires and everything right now is still very reactive. We're not being proactive in our movements towards progression. So all we have is fire extinguishes. I want to fucking extinguished Goot Morrison the Liberal Party for at least three years, because I truly believe that our fucking country doesn't have three years, another three years of this government, like, I don't know what we'll do. Yeah, if twenty one to May it comes and the Liberals win, I don't know what I'll do. Yeah, I genuinely like, I don't think there'll be a time my life I'm more broken than that day, if that that occurs next month. Yeah, right for me, the last time I felt like that was when trump, when they're like the two thousand and sixteen election, I remember at two thousand and nineteen hundred and Ninteen election, because two thousand and nineteen we all thought we were going to win. Yeah, and I think, sorry, it's coming back to the central aspect of the conversation. I think that the biggest point about not fighting with people on the same side, as I disagree with a lot of things that the Labor Party does, and something that we talk about with cheek is if label gets gets in, how do we navigate? Navigate that? Right, because and so, and this is truly honest, when I post, when we post things that are critical of the Greens or the Labor Party or anyone within those parties or an independent, anyone who's progressive, no one cares. Yeah, I don't know how to say this in a more honest way, but our followers, you listeners, often the traction on that post, the engagement is significantly decreased when I should on Scott Morrison right, and it's like, how do we navigate that? How do we remain critical? How do we remain sort like so energetic to drive change when we do feel safe in these new positions. Yeah, and also, coming up to the election, labor is going to say things that I disagree with and they're going to make moves that I disagree with in order to get more votes. Yeah, and the question is, how do you manage having critique and holding... for anger towards a party and valid, constructive criticism, but also acknowledging that there are best fucking shot and we have to get behind them. Yes, that, I think, is a central question. Well, for me, I think it depends what time of year it is. Like last year of like we have, I mean, like you said, we have criticized progressive people and I'll be honest, I hold progressive people to a much higher standard than I hold conservatives, because I'm like, well, you like our whole and this is a bit toxic and fucked up, but I don't care, because I think it's true. The whole, like progressive movement out, like the center of our being, is that we think we are better people than the people on the right. Yeah, that is the whole point. Like, you can pretend it's not all it is, but it is. And so therefore we want to hold ourselves in each other to a higher standard, and we should. I fully think that we should. If progressive person lets me down, I am so much more hurt by it and angered by it than if a conservative let see down, because I'm like, well, of course I consider its gonna let me down. Then it's a progressive. I'm like, you're fucking better than that. You've claimed to be better than you claim to you better than that exactly. But I just think that, like again, with a couple of weeks to the election, this is not the fucking time to be throwing punches at the Labor Party or at whatever progressive we talk about the Labor Party, because it's like dead. The people who could win like they're also the people to point to in that I think that the main argument that comes up during election time is like, well, the Di is Abad as each other. They incorrect, and I mean in there are some things that there are bills that have been recently passed and voted on where I've thought Labor that was pathetic. Yeah, right, and I'm willing to send up and say that. You might have seen on our instagram stories, but we actually have been volunteering for the Labor Party during the election. So we've gone out and Chris, and you've done some letter boxing, you've done some work for campaigns, particular campaigns in your your electorate, and I think that's because, while I want to be able to remain critical of progressive parties, my view is, and I think it's your shared view, is that, like we need to get them into government because I want to hold them to account and it's fucking easier to hold the Labor Party to account than the Liberals. Yeah, exact. That's my view, right, and it's perfectly all good and well to put up my fucking ten memes a day about Scott Morrison, but I wanted to get out and do something as well and do something productive and fucking be there for candidates and actually take genuine interest in having these people win and get into office and then driving them that way. Yeah, and I think that the problem is, like, you know, as you said, like it's depends on the time of year when we should be critiquing by the Latin this is not really the time. From now to the election, it's not really the time to be like dumping on Labor yea, in my view, I mean for journalist, and Bolvar is a different view, like they always have a job to do in terms of critiquing and providing feedback and showing the public orts going on, and I do value that, but I also think that I just think like if we're going to sit here, we know who the better party is, we know who we can hold to account and we know which government we need to get into make actual fucking change and it is no good to sit there and be all depressed because it just as bad as each other in quotations. Yeah, it's not the time exactly, and I just truly just they're not as bad as each other. Sorry, like, I know I've been let down by Labor so many times. Like one of the pivotal things is refugee policy. They pretty much have a very similar approach to refugee policy and people seeking asylum as the libs do and I don't think that's acceptable, and you know I think that. I mean there have been plenty of times when we've made tick tocks, like criticizing Scott Morrison. It's not not pro lay but not progreens criticizing Scott Morrison, and they've been comments as like how much of the lame honey t paint they do that well, fucking I'd be really thrilled if they did. Nobody pays US fucking anything. It's because we this is like we're probably going to get people in the next couple of weeks because we will be posting very aggressively all the way up to the election. We will get people claiming that we're like, you know, Labor hacks or whatever. Yeah, I don't give a fuck and like, this is probably the only time I'm going to say this, but, like short, we're not going that it. We don't believe that this is the time to criticize labor and we will not be doing...

...that until they get into the government, into government, and then we will be fucking criticizing the shit out of whatever it is that we think that they're doing wrong. Like I just we are not an unbiased media source. We are not funded by anybody forever, we've never sat there and claimed to be. And people will message like your and we are not buying. Yeah, well, you're biased, and it's like, Duh, have you seen what we create every day? Exactly? I'm I'm not here. I'm not here to say, like I'm going to give a really evenhanded view of Scott Morrison. What is there to be fucking even handed about. The other thing is I think that people say that anyone who supports Labor is a mad lefty, when realistically, I think that the dial has moved where people what is moderate anymore. To be honest, moderate is quite far left at this point. My other thing is I think that we need to be a bit more practical and realistic, and I don't I don't mean to sound like a fucking moderate in this statement, but I can understand why Labor isn't coming out with incredibly radical policy right now. What they are doing is trying to win an election. I mean, I was disappointed like everyone else, and I know this is getting into the old arguing with a side you're on thing that I just said I was against. But for example, I think that a perfect example was maybe a couple of weeks ago when our bow did those like quick fire questions, you know, like you know, can a man be pregnant? He was asked if he was woke. The Herald Son. Yeah, all this shit. Right. I don't really understand the context because all the article was so clear Bait, inflammatory, shit triggering and I just thought, Oh my God, this is embarrassing. And I look at it and think all he's trying to do is pacify liberal voting men. Yeah, right, it's a strategy and I can understand what he's trying to do. HMM. My Hope, and I'm prepared to be disappointed, but my hope is that a lot of these views and these policies that are more left and more radical are being withheld until they win. Yeah, because there's I can understand that there's some key areas that aiming for to get especially regional Queensland voters in and sort of the problem areas for Labor and win those votes back and win those seats, right, because it's seats that matter in the day, not the overall amount of votes, and we need to think about that. Right. There are particular key areas that he needs to please. So Albo made his like budget speech and it was like this is not what I'm not trying to start a revolution, this is not a radical and I was just like because also for me, I'm like just don't say that I agree, agree, but like, at the end of the day, like I don't expect Labor to be radical, like it's some of those things that that you know, I mean you could get into a whole argument about like what is radical, but like preserving Medicare not radical. Really good, if they would do that radical to lives, health, exactly, pay, yeah, Housing, Oh, radical, what all that? But this is the point. I agree. I think it's preserving because it's so interesting to me the like things like super and Medicare and other things that are very standard in our lives were seen as radical once. Yeah, right now we're just trying to fucking save them from the LIBS. Right, we're just trying to preserve exactly, and it's like anything that's seen is new, is scary, and I think what they're trying to do is preserve and not announce anything too heavy handed. That would turn off again. I think that, unfortunately, the vot demographic that these parties care about is swing voters, that are men, middle aged, between Labor and liberal. Yes, that's the demographic. They have to swing exactly always. It's unfortunately, care about these people. I don't. Well, I think that and I actually wrote an article about this called ignorance is bliss, apathy is cruel. YEA, and put it on your I felt I was very clever. Time was so I'll be taking praise. Thank you. I will be taking praise at this time. Yeah, I will accept it into my DM's, just into the cheek Ms. please don't talk to me directly to be that's the cheek DM's of me. Yeah, but you just tell... the good things that happen in there. Fuck. So, anyway, that was all the joke. Okay. The people that lose our selections, when I say us, I mean progressives, are the people who do not fucking care. Yeah, like those other people who are the swing voters. There the middle of people, because you've got people on the right and people on the left who are never going to move. Well, maybe, except unless they're really pissed off by Scott Morrison. But there is that Middle Group and we need to like we're always fighting over them, like who gets the Middle Group? Like and and swing voters vote. have been proven to vote against things rather than four things. Yea. So basically what we're looking at in the next couple of weeks, what has already been happening this whole fucking year, is both parties trying to win, both major parties and, you know, smaller parties, independence, every candidate trying to win that Middle Group. Who is really hard to engage because they don't give a fuck and they can be convinced by like a splashy headline or by like some like crazy, Um, you know, unconfirmed piece of Click Bait on Sky News or like something that they saw on the intent on facebook or like. These people don't care and those are the people that we need to be engaging with if we want to lose, if we want to win the election as progressives. When I'm talking about we, I'm not talking about the Labor Party, I'm talking about progressives. Yep. So I just think, like I think the perfect example of this, and this is just metaphorical. So let's say you've just spent the entire day with people having a go at you on then tick tock, DMS. No, this is that's actually is a hypothetical. So stay like it's happening to my friend, you for a friend. Okay. So say we put up some type of like anti Scott Morrison, Tick Tock, which we always do. Say we get all of these comments, it's like Scott that's gone it right, which we do all day. We get that and then say we go out for I don't know, like a well work lunch and then some like, you know, middle aged white guy at work is like, well, you know what, I don't think they're that bad, don't? We don't need to, we don't need to fight with that person. No, like, I just think it is really important to remember, like to be dramatic, who is the enemy, the Conservatives of the enemy, in case you want, for those following along at home. But just like, I just think that we need to be really careful about how we spend our energy. For me, it's all about energy. I don't want in this time again, Hannah said, like we're going to be volunteering for the election, we're going to be putting out so much content on cheek, we are going to be doing so much and being so engaged all the way up until may twenty one. I don't really want to spend my energy talking about I don't want to spend my energy defending Labor to someone who is like of Greens voter. Yeah, in this time when we could actually be putting out content and engaging with people who genuinely could change their vote. I don't care if you've vote Labor or Greens. I don't know if you vote for an independent as long as you are aware of the independence policies and who their preferencing as well. Agree and also make sure you just just please, for the love of fucking God, put Labor above the liberals on your ballot. I think everyone listening to this wood. What do you pass it on to your parents? Yeah, out. What do you think about engaging with voters who are disenfranchised and we'll be putting palm roll one nation or someone else at the top? It's a hard one because people see that as a protest vote. Yeah, and I need fucking not. Well, to me it's not spacey. Well, I wasn't going to say that. So for me, personally, those people are the scum of the earth, not the voters. The old I was like like we spicy into me. They're the dirt...

...beneath my feet. Yeah, okay, like Pauline Hanson's fucking evil. I said a protest vote voting for someone who's fucking evil, but I just can kind of see how it might be perceived as that. Personally, I prefer for you to a protest vote for like independent who's like not got a billion dollars, but also it's check who their preferencing check who their preferencing, but also, like look check, look at their how to vote card and see who their preferencing and then, further to that, look to see who they have voted within the past, because sometimes independ will get in there is going to vote with the libs every time. YEA, and that, like, again, it matters. In the Guillard government they had independence that basically formed a coalition with them. Right, if it comes down to that, which is very possible, that independent might choose liberal government. Right, it just matters. Yeah, here's the thing. I think that I would engage with a protest voter to the point where I would say, just do what you're gonna do, but put libberals last. That's exactly what I was going to say. Yeah, like, I just think that a lot of people have, it felt so disenfranchise because of the conservative press and the like wealth of Clive Palmer and how much he like, how many fucking billboards and ads he's put out there, like a lot of people do unfortunately fall victim to that. It's confusing to me because I think that, like, what is Clive Palmer represent to these people? He's not the same as them, but he's also not what they aspire to be. I think with fucking schoolionaires, right, it's either this thing where they think like, Oh, I want to be like I don't think anyone thinks that about Palmer. But I also get confused and people claim, like palm's going to be good for workers, like and in what fucking world? Like he's not relatable. He's not either of the things. It confuses me. I just see this election. He's just running fully on this like anti lockdown. Yeah, which is over, it's over. Help me understand. Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. But that's the perfect like those are the people that he has. He's already engaged with them. Like I don't actually think it's about him this election. I think it's about like Palmer United. It's like about his party, or whatever the fuck it's called now, who are preferencing the Green, the Greens. How I would like to see that. I would also love see, I love to be a fly on the wall in a room of high ranking people in the Greens discussing when they found saw that like the news, they would have been like a far. I would love to see Larissa Wa does an Adam banchat about. Yeah, God pay to watch it it. If I would, that would be if I was in the Greens. I would be a sad day for the green it's like can you reject them to put you like but all see, you wouldn't. It could be ten to fifteen percent of the vote. They could be. But anyway, for people who like think that's a protest vote, I think it's just like really important about like to at least put the libs like below. Let Yeah, because I don't know, there's an argument to make, because I've been telling everyone, like I'm like, as long as you just put the put the libs last or the LMP, like in Queens let we call the Olympic. It's the same that put the libs last, put the LMP last and like below blow Pauline Hanson. And for me it's like, well, the libs have a higher chance of actually getting this, getting the vote. Then point ends, and that's my thing. But honestly, like it does feel disgusting when you're in the booth. Oh you put Palmer and hands and above liberal. It does. It feels like I genuinely feel nauseous. Usually when that happens I love how I say, usually I've done what I voted once in a federal election. Well, second time Queens siding. So I just think that, like, preserve your energy, disengage. I love how I'm giving this advice as so I'm an expert. I'm like literally the fucking last Huson to disengage from any yeah, anything, but I'm actually at the point where I'm like, I literally can't do it, like I want to last. I will not last time, my twenty one, if I pursue every avenue of argument at all times. Because again, this campaign trail is going to be painful. In the Labor parties going to say things that I'm like, AH, a, fuck's sake, but we need to remain on track with this central view...

...that they have to win. Yea, this is what I think we should all do is like find someone that you can call up when the labor parting too, so you don't agree with and like bitch and wine and complain. It sounds belittling, but like I mean, I like shout about it whatever. I might start acts throwing in the next few weeks. So I think it's fine. It's really expensive, though, yeah, or just maybe just go somewhere throw rocks anyway, but like just do it in a safe space and then get back onto it, because we can't, we can't spend our we cannot spend our energy. Like even I find, like people like my parents are quite progressive and they have come like they have gotten more progressive in the last couple of years and like I'm not going to sit there and fight with them about the intricacies of policy, because I'm like, well, you're done, you're safe, flocked away. Yes, that's WHO's next. Why would I fight with someone who I know was voting for Labor Party exact why the conversation? Yeah, all grains. Why? I wouldn't bother, no, fight with them after the election. That's what we should be doing. And this I think this podcast is going to be sent out a lot of times because people are going to have a go at us for like, why aren't you giving this? Why are you doing that? This is why. Okay, yeah, listen to the this, listen to the whole episode again if you have to get it through your mind. Don't mean forever, I mean for now. For now, just just preserve that energy, because I think it's we're literally teaching ourselves a lesson, because I already feel exhausted. Yeah, we're kind of telling ourselves this. This is just a weird echo chamber. Yeah, this episode is actually just for us, so don't come. Also, I just want to say I always do this, but it's actually really relevant now. So volunteer for your candidates very important. A few weeks ago we were out on the side of the road, something I love to do on our Saturday morning. Yeah, yelling about Peter Done. It wasn't. It was actually with it wasn't fully with Love Party. It was just our work. Yeah, so you want to say that. Yeah, I think that's fine. Yes, what it is cool. So where we were doing? Roadsides and like you'll see heaps of them now on the slide, people inside of the road waving signs. We were doing that. It's very fun. It's actually spress only fun, very easy. Get a lot of beeps, exactly, and we did have a couple of people message and be like, Oh, like, next time you do this, can you let us know? So with that so that we can come. So the first thing I'd like to say is like, obviously we are only in one spot, like we live in Brisbane, so we do our volunteering locally. Obviously, and unfortunately there's just not that much value value US telling also like it was with our work. So we can't bring people like yeah, like that. It's not like an open public thing to do. Yes, and even though, like, I get obviously it's much less daunting to like do something that when, of you're going to be seeing people you know. But definitely encourage you to just go directly to the campaign of whoever it is that you're that you want to volunteer for, unless it's the libs, then just don't. And she sit at home quietly with the doors exactly. Maybe go for a run and like burnous and it. Don't be one of the people that pulled over and said I love Peters to us. We all insides. Good that happen and like not in let me not only to vote for Peter Donton but feel so passionately about Peter Donne that you pull over your car to be like well, I love Peter and then beep and then say fuck you and drive up. I was like that woman, Oh my God, it was a woman, wasn't it? Yeah, it was a woman. That is awful. When we were doing that and gelling about Peter Donton, there were so many women who, like young women, who were just like yeah, yeah, the majority of our beats for young women. Yes, awesome, exactly. Anyway. So there is so much stuff you can do. I feel like a broken record because I always talk about this, but there is so much stuff you can do. Like it is really easy and it's not very daunting for most people to stand on the side of the road and like shake a sign like shures. People might be pat you and like maybe Yell Fuck You. Get a real job outside the windows, which way morning. What do you a lot of people are not work, seeing their leisure...

...and it's fun. That's when you go, I'm getting paid a hundred dolls an hour to do I don't do that unless you actually are, anyway. But get involved with your local campaign, like anyway, there's a lot of stuff you can do. That's even like not directly involved with a specific party. If you don't want to be associated with specific party or a specific candidate, like, you can get involved in get up. They do a lot of campaigns and they are very issues based. So if there's a specific issue you're really passionate about, you can volunteer. If there's more to it, than just door knocking. Nobody likes door knocking. It's awful and I'm not I'm not up to that. It's just horrible. But there's like door knocking, there's phone calls, there's letter boxing. Letter boxing is so fun. You just go for a walk and like put things in letterboxes. Yeah, but also it's if you don't want that stuff, because it is daunting and it's hard to go out on a limb on your own and start doing that shit. Follow all the candidates for the party that you want to vote for in your area, like I'm on Facebook, share their shit, send it to someone care and engage their post. It's not that hard. Yeah, it's instagram activism, but it does something. Yes, exactly, well you, it's some end. Commenting really helps the algorithm, so gets it out. Don't try to refrain from commenting on posts from politicians who you don't want to vote for, because every comment pushes them out further into the algorithm. So the best thing you can do is just ignore them or report them. That's what I like to do, something for fun, report them to for like cruelty to humanity. I do that very often. But yet get involved. It's really important. It's like the most important election of our lifetime. I think most people could probably say that. Yeah, playing with getting this. It's like the most important thing ever. I'm part of it. So does like get onto it, because the last thing we want to do is like to be postelection in the libs of one again and then you're like maybe I could have done more. Yeah, don't want to do that quaint. So get involved. You don't need asked to tell you to get involved. You can do it on your own. You are empowered, empowered Queens, that was some empowering eel. So empowered. Can we get pizza now? Yeah, cool. If you didn't find us a completely insufferable come back next Wednesday for a new episode. Could also find us on instagram at cheek media co or online cheek Mediacom. To date, you, yes, that flow, that's the one.

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