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64. Does cancel culture work?


In this episode, we're talking about Alan Jones' favourite topic: cancel culture! Does cancel culture even exist? Does it work? How many people have actually been cancelled? Let's discuss.

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Hello, I'm Christa Parison Otto and I'm hard a focus and and where co founders at Cheek MEDIAC. This is the weekly Cheek podcast. So and then they're all those conservatives like cutting the Nike logo out of this. And then Nike was like, good, we don't want you wear us, just do it. But if we can't cancel over falling, if she felt do you think that was a fake forul can? That's all people say. No, you would have fall on you wouldn't fall at the Oscars. No, my phone read carpet, but not at the Oscars. No. Before we begin this podcast, I would like to acknowledge that we are recording on stolen and unsee the lands of the Yagura and terable people here in the engine, and I would like to mention that cheek mediac fully endorses the Lewis tabment from the heart and an inshrined voice for first nations in the Constitution. Welcome back to the weekly cheek welcome. I'm mildly sweaty. No comment. That's it. No context would be provided. I'm just bit hot. Anyway. It's mrdy grass, so happy mrdy grass. Have you money grass? When we're recording this. Obviously it's not going to be out for a while anyway. Moving on, today we're gonna be talking about cancel culture, can sol I mean I don't think we need to say why. It's a pretty hot topic. I think it is a pretty hot topic. I I mean I use in in my everyday language, like you know, when when a fucking carton milk falls out of the fridge, I yell at the milkons a canceled. So the but the reason that we decided to do this episode is because a comment we're got to come out one of my instagram post. Yes, that said cancel cultures not real. Oh yes, I forgot. That's how it came about. It was such a small thing. Why were they saying it was not real? I was in response to that. Piers Morgan tweet about how that him and Scott Morrison talked about cancel culture. Not A fan. Oh, that's right. into the comment was saying like it was ridiculous that they were taught saying they talked about cancel culture. They weren't fans of cancel culture because they don't believe the cancer. The comment doesn't really believe that cans culture is real. Yes, I don't think that's true. Well, I think the comment was kind of in was in my my interpretation of it, and if this the wasn't the comment is like it wasn't what they were doing. So I'm sorry, but I know that there's a lot of people on the left who do say, like, Oh, cancel culture is not a real thing, because the idea of cancel culture is this thing that's been like bandied around by the right that's like, Oh, when all I to do anything anymore, and that idea of cancel culture a lot of people don't believe in. Who is someone that you can think of that's been genuinely canceled and had their career ended? Happy One's, I literally is about to say, don't say how we wind stee Bill Cosby, Harpywinstein. But the thing about happy Winstein is, like I just feel a bit weird about saying that he's been canceled because he's in prison. Like is that the only way to truly cancel someone? Well, I think that that's the argument against the power of cancel culture. Yeah, is that? Like I think that when people talk about cancer culture, the idea is that social media has created this voice, in this platform for people to tell celebrities and public figures that they are no longer so supportive of them or blah, blah, blah, Blah Blah right. But who actually faces genuine ramifications from cancel culture exactly? I mean, obviously your ego takes a hit, people like Christy tiguing, blah, blah, Blah Blah. But then you've got cancel culture where people, you know, conservatives, have co opted the terminology and said that, you know, we're canceling lollies and books because you know, red skins and what now that? What am they now called? I didn't know. I just mean like like the coon cheese with yes cheer Chee yes and things like that. They're saying it's cancel culture. No, it's just being knowledge in respect that social change has meant that the connotations that are attached to previous words and no longer acceptable and changing them accordingly to acknowledge that, not like people should be offended when...

...they go to the shops, and I think that's fair enough. To change the language right like, and I think that's the issue is how it's been culpted by the right. Also the right, just as readily tries to cancel people, but they don't call it cancel culture. So true, I don't really understand that. I mean fucking Sky News canceled Alan Jones themselves. Yes, that is true, but they would argue that his contract was up and they didn't renew went his TV show wasn't doing well enough and they offered in a difference slow he didn't take it. We'll also he's a racist and has an asexist and told, you know, Julia Gillagi should be thrown in a chaft bag out into the ocean. Oh my God, I forgot he did that. You also threatened, like threatened violence, but encouraged violence against just into our done. Oh, that's right, the stock thing. Yeah, that's fucked up. Also, peeded up called Adam band the enemy of the state. I would say that you could argue that's canceling. I mean the courier mail put those two young women on the front cover of their newspaper that travel to I'm not sure if everyone rooms this, but I remember it. They put their faces on the cover of the newspaper. There were two women who traveled from Melbourne to Sydney and had covid and me went to Brisbane and had covid was at Brisbane. Yeah, and then for every you know, old white couple that did the same, you know they will be nothing. MMM. And this is the thing. It's like it's just that the languages Associe with the left. And don't get me wrong, I think there are problems with the way that people are try like are canceled and the way that we go about having these conversations and how like easily people can be canceled nowadays. But I actually just think it's consequence culture. Yeah, it's having consequences for your action. It's just accountability culture, and I think that the fact that it's like canceled is this like hot, like this hot buzz word that people can use, and the right is against the left, even though they're just as accountable for using these sorts of tactic and strategies. M I mean, I think that the central idea behind cancel culture is like so socially right. US, the people that are not famous celebrities or public figures or politicians, are any of these people have elevated particular individuals these positions. So think about like jk Rowling, right, yes, she wrote some good books. Yeah, but we the readers, we the fans, elevated her to a position of prominence right as probably the best selling author of all time or something, for a period at least, I think so. Now our only power, when she's done something that most people have, left wing people generally find quite unforgivable, is to say I am no longer going to participate in your success and I'm going to ignore you. HMM, I don't think that's problematic. I think that is one of our only tools to use as a large social force, is to say, I've elevated you to this position and now I want to take away that support. And this whole cancel culture like translation of that, I think, is like this really weird stereotype and connotation that's come from like a simple act. Yeah, I think the way that we now cancel people and and what we cancel them for, there's big questions around that, but I think, centraally, it's not a bad idea. No, well, it's just like I was just remembering. You know, when the American conservatives like start try to cancel Nike, what do they do? They supported the sports player who kneel during the Oh, I know his name. What I want to say. Kaepernick, yes, Colin Kaepernicklin, Kaepernick, yeah, Queen You, and sport. Wow, what sports it or footy and RL and fl American nrl, ha ha ha. Anyway. So and then they're all those conservatives like cutting the Nike logo out of this,...

...and then Nike was like good, we don't want to wear us, just do it. But I think like in the opposite of that, when that was kind of an aside, I mean I think it's like it does speak to like in that moment, I think Nike responded really well because they were like, okay, that's if you want to cancel us, then that's good, because we don't want you to present like we don't want you wearing our shit. We don't want you wearing our brand. So it said two side cancelation of one another, you could say. But in in times when people who have been in those like ambassador positions and have lost it because of their actions and they have, I guess, essentially being, you could argue, canceled by the brand, usually it's not because the brand takes a standards, because of the backlash of customers and the brands like, oh no, we better do something yeah, like that is I don't understand the problem with that. Like if you are working at a job and then you still real stuff and break their rules, then you get fired. Yeah, these people like influences in some ways of like in quotes, employed by the public. Yeah, and if we don't want to support you any more, than you don't have the job anymore. Yeah, like, it's not. It's not just being fired, I mean from a job. There are things where like okay, so what do you think about, like particular doctors who speak books being removed or what? Has Doctor Used One something? No, there's like prior books. Some of the books have like racist connotations in the imagery and things. Right, I didn't know that. But it's really hard because, okay, for example, I was watching, okay, I'm not sure if people know this movie, but, and this is kind of Stad to it bit, I was by myself in the night and I was watching the aristocrats. Oh, yes, you know this film. I don't know. I've seen it once, but, like a millionaires, I think it's a Disney movie and I think it was amazing. Like, I don't was like the s or like the S, but it's pretty old and at the start of the film there's a disclaim and that basically says within this film there are depictions that are racist, Blah Blah Blah by and culturally insensitive. And I'm not sure if this is true, but I think it's like there's also a sense that are like words the effect of, instead of removing the film, we just want to talk about it. Yeah, yeah, and I saw Netflix or something, Disney plus, okay, and I just I think that's really interesting because, like I mean, I would be upset if that movie wasn't available to watch. Ever, are right, but I also don't necessarily think that just putting a disclaimer at the start is enough, because that would be quite offensive to people. But again, it's like I think that we're cancel. Culture starts to get mixed up is when we try to cancel in quotations celebrities for things they've done like ten years ago. I disagree. I know that we disagree on there. I think it depends on what it is. Yeah, but what he's okay, go on, give me an example. Well, so I'm I watch a lot of youtube, so this is like that is rife in Youtube community and there are just so many different examples like, do you know Jeffrey Star? That's the makeup person. Yeah, really fucking cancel. Is Jeffrey style, the person that used to like honor? That's James Charleston that used to like prey on, used to allegedly it. Does Jeffrey do that one? Now Jeffrey was in a relationship age and they broke up. Jeffrey is really racist and like, but now as well. Yeah, well, then that's is that? So that's one thing. One thing is like like the Jeffrey has been on like caught on camera saying the end like shouting the end word like a fuck, say as an insult to people, that it's in the street fowl. Yeah, and like obviously there's tweets and things like that. And then so that that's a more like clear cut example. It's like he hasn't shown remorse. He's continuously doing these things and he doesn't really apologize and he doesn't feel bad and he doesn't like do any type of self improvement. To be honest, stuff like that, even if you have been shown to do self improve want for me personally, not that...'s my job to accept the apology. I wouldn't endorse him and I wouldn't buy any of these products or not that. Yeah, but that. But I think that. But I mean, when'm saying there's like there's and then there's people like Zoella. Do you know Zoella? I've heard of this person. Yeah, she was like big like ten years ago on Youtube and she made tweets that were like really offensive to gay men, to two poor people like classes, and she made those tweets when she was like eighteen or nineteen, I think. But they were like really, I mean it's so hard to like quantify how offensive something is, but like when I read them, I was like, Oh my God, why would you tweet? Why would you put that out there? But I I think that what that can come down to. You, I mean that's all fucked right and I totally agree with you. I think that what it can come down to is the comparison between what they said at the time and was accepted at the time, because I don't think that was accepted at the time. Yeah, well, well, I think that it probably was, otherwise why would she tweeted it. But I think what's hard about these things it depends on what was said, it depends on when it was said, it depends on what was acceptable at the time and it depends on what they've done in response to being called out for it. Now, I think there are instances where you can be forgiven. I think it's rare, but I think that it's very difficult because, again, don't I thought we I thought in the opposite so tone. You know, it's someone like Ruth Bade to Ginsberg. Everyone fell on their hands at knees when she died and was like distraught about it because of everything she did for women, but she was in many ways. Some of her stances on on different law policy, personal opinion were transphobic or racist. Right, that doesn't stop people from crying and, you know, thinking we've lost a legend and an icon when she died and it's like, well, the second way feminist. You know, what were their views and they were different to now and all these things. And how do we reconcile what the feminist who did before us stood for and the things that we disagree on now and how far we've come? Like, is that just a reflection of how far we've come as a people, would you think? You know, what I think is the difference is if you have like tweeted something or like made a public stance or, you know, spoken out about it, like Ruth Beatiginsberg would in her role, against like people of Color, trans people, etc. If you have specifically spoken out against them, I don't think it really fucking matters if it's socially acceptable or not. Like if you have gone out of your way to speak out and say something hateful publicly toward a specific group of people, I don't think there's in my opinion, there's no coming back from that. We'll see. I don't know. Actually don't know if ruth whether it was more like a decision, she meant, like a legal decision she made was to the detriment of those people, or she actively but also, what difference does that make whether you say it publicly or you vote? Well, that's the same thing. But this is what I like. I again, I think the things I'm talking about a more like you know, an influence who's facebook status from two thousand and nine comes up. Was facebook given around there? Yeah, two thousand and ten came up where you know they're like, Oh, you bitch, you slot to their friend on the fucking facebook wall. Like, who cares about that stuff? To be honest, I don't think that matters. No, I think the big stuff does matter. That's why I'm talking about it's a spectrum and it depends on the intensity of what was said and how fucked it is. Yeah, I mean, but I think it's a case by case basis. But I think there's a lot that can be said about the way that people respond to their prop past actions. Yeah, there is, sure those things I've said that a horrific in the past. Yeah, but what? Have they ever been racist? No, that's the thing, like, I know that you've, I feel like empathetic, I'm action forwards in your mouth, but I always feel like you're always like, oh, but you know it. Maybe because I feel like you feel like something you've done. Do you want to listen? Girls know, it's fine, keep going, because I feel like you think, oh well, maybe something will come up about me, but you have never tweeted something racist. Oh, I know, but it's like, but I...

...think it's because also I'm someone, and this is probably selfish in a way, but I'm also looking to in ten or fifteen years. What am I like? What are we saying on this podcast now that's not going to be socially acceptable in ten or fifteen years, but we're not insulting people. We're not like I've been derogatory. No, no, I mean, I guess we are derogatreat I would, I think if Scott Morriston listened to this, he think will being derogatory towards him. Yeah, but in ten years of Herry like good, yes, I think I'm back at in ten years. That's a difference, but I don't know for sure. Real I think that anything happened with Scott Morrison that you look back and be like, I feel so bad about the times I was mean to know. I here's the thing. So when anything we say about Scott Morrison, it is in response to his policy and things that he has directly said, not anything to do with who he is. Like he's not well, I mean he's not in any marginalized group either. Squat. This is a weird thing. I think that I when you say things like you know, someone tweeted something racist, I'm like that's it. And the reason that I'm like that's it, they're gone is because it's actually not my decision at all, and it doesn't he doesn't concern me whether they're canceled. That's not my decision to make. It's not my call. I'm not the one who's offended by that because I'm a white, privileged woman. Right. Weirdly, when someone says something sexist in a tweet or so on facebook, sceps or whatever, it is all in a speech ten years ago and they've made a comeback, I'm alling to forgive them because it does affect me and I'm like, well, if you've grown then then I'm not good. Really. Yeah, I wouldn't. You're done dead to me, because that I think the differences on this like, kind of going back to what I just said before, is like so, second way, feminists probably as a group not that intersectional compared to today's standards. Yeah, suffragettes not in sectional at all. Yeah, but there is a difference between like individual suffragette standing in a movement that did that excluded people of Color, and I on stand I'm obviously saying this for a very privileged perspective, but I think there is a difference between taking part in a movement that was not intersectional and, you know, so, let's say this is hypothetical one suffrage. That's suffragettes standing up and being like, you know, this is for this is a white women's cause only, and we do not allow women of color to be in this space with us. See your saying she's worse than the pack. Yeahs saying like as a group, if you took part in the group that was, I don't hate saying of its time, because that's really sad unfortunate. But there there is a difference between those two things. So anything that we say on the PODCAST, maybe we will say something like on this podcasted in ten years like, well, we don't really use that language anymore. HMM. It's not because we were like, well, we hate X. I think there's it. I think it's really easy to see a difference. Personally, it's not complicated, in my opinion. I think it is a bit more complicated than that, because I think that when you stand in that group and you listen to that person speaking, you don't stand you don't you just stay there and you listen and you agree. Are you just as bad? Yep, no, but I mean not being not that the people who are listening to this. I mean just like being part of a yeah, and movement that is exclusionary of certain other groups. I mean, but what if, like we're part of a movement that's exclusionary of other groups. We claimed to be intersectional feminist, but we definitely aren't there. No, of course not. Right. So I think what in ten years I'll look back on us like you fucking sucked, you were not anti racist enough, you were not all of these things. Right. Yeah, I can I can totally appreciate that. That's what will be said. I guess you're right, but I think there's a difference between doing that and talk talking about cancel culture. Not Saying that that I'm perfect or anything. been talking about cancel culture. I think there is a big difference between not doing enough and being specifically offensive. But someone who's offensive is not trying to learn. No, I agree with that. And the goal to put it out there publicly, to me is just a whole another step. Like there's a lot of things that I think. I think things that I'm socialized to think...

...all the time that I let like horrifying me and I'm just like, why the fuck would you ever think that? Yeah, I've never say it and I would never tweet it, and I meet my immediate thought is like, what is going on? Fix this? I get it. I mean it's it is really complicated issue. I think that I think that these are the conversations that might but the right latch onto, though as well. Is US twiddling our thumbs about the specifics of WHO's canceled and WHO's not. But how do we how do we deal with no, sorry, but I think that we're just talking about how, like, what level of discipline, different categories of person and how much they engage or didn't engage with things like I think that, I mean, I'm not sure it's a productive conversation. I think it's an interesting podcast, but I'm not sure it's a productive conversation. I don't really. I mean personally for me, like what we've you like kind of touched on before. If people are getting canceled for being racist, I a that's son of mine. I mean it's my business in the way that I will stop supporting whatever they're doing, but it's not my job, not your choice, side if they canceled and how canceled and if their apologies accepted. I think the better conversation might be why particular people able to bounce back so easily. Privilege things like people, things like things like Louis K. no, but seriously, no, sorry, I'm not laughing at no, it's a thing. Right, when we started laughing at things that, I'm like, what are you going to say? Yeah, I mean it's I guess it's because it's like, well, he didn't assault someone, you know, they were just trapped in a room with him while he wangled in front of them. See, this is the thing. I don't. So we've got people like Harvey Weinstein, who is rightfully imprisoned. Yeah, and then like, I don't what Kevin Spacey comes that was, even though that was a close call many times. Kevin Space Yeah, I mean I think he's done for now, but it's still not the it's just social cancelation. He's not going to jail. Exactly. This is what I mean. Like why people like Louis C K allowed two things, like Luis SEK allowed to it's like, Oh, well, he didn't, at least you not. How we win Stein? Fuck off, no, thank you. Profiting. He has spent a couple of years in, you know, the depths, and then he's come back. It's like you just have to like do your penance. This is the thing. It's like a weird social jail type. Exactly. Okay, rolling had a best selling book in Two Thousand and twenty. What is it? One of her like pseudent in ones? No, just a new book, the ICABOG Oh, the one that's transphobic. Yeah, The New York Times gave it a great review and then it was a best seller. What's up with this? New York Times? I thought they were like good, so they can't. I have a subscription. Maybe I should cancel it. Careful gains are all cancelationally got a dollar a week. Fuck, that's cancel, offense, canceled. Um. But I just I think that people think that Louis K like having a few years of comedy. That's it. Fuck happened to him? That's like the punishment, in my opinions, like, you don't get to be like a famous comic anymore. Sorry, no, especially, and it would be fucked up if he did this in any sector of his life, but especially because what he was doing was directly, was, like enabled by his comedy career. Yeah, you don't get to do it anymore. I don't know, go away. Maybe he doesn't deserve to be in jail again. That's not up to me to decide. That should be up to the women to decide, but you definitely don't fucking deserve to come back and pretend like nothing happened. No, he's making jokes about being canceled. I don't know. That's an interesting I should really check up. I don't know why. What's content? I don't watch the content. What I find support him. I feel like it's funny that Louis Ek spends a few years and you know, the whole assess pit and then comes back and everyone's think, oh, it's okay, but ask a man...

...about Amy Shima. HMM, all in a D on them. Yeah, just ask what they thought we should and they'll say that'll probably say I've literally never laughed at a woman. Woman's not funny. They're just not funny. I am she was Stilo jokes and anyway right. I personally really enjoy her, I really. I don't actually think she's very funny. I think she's funny. I think she's really it's almost disturbing, but I also think that when a man says those things it's perfectly acceptible and Hilarious, and then when a woman says things that are crass or Bubba Blas like discussed, I don't not like her because of that. I just don't she find a funny. Also, that movie that she made was problematic as which one h the pretty one? Yeah, fucking hated that. Train wres better. That was supose. Trenick is better. They both terrible. Train Rex enjoyable. It's good. It's good. Trust you. Like legally blonded sex city the same. I like trash to different. Trusond is a millennial classic. Oh my God, train wreck. I've never heard anyone talk about l wood. Would not go into Harvard. It's a movie, Queen, are you gonna? Can't? We it's a movie at people going to come for you. I hate that dog. What's its name? Bruce Trouser Bruiser? I thought Brewster, like Bruce Fun claim. God, train wreck is stupid and it is just the one that's a legally bond is a better movie than train reck. The one where she knocked her head was problematic as fuck, and it's supposed to be empowered. That is the definition of the problem. De positivity, yes, which we're doing another episode on stay later today. Might be coming at next week. Maybe not, maybe, because still by then we did. I'll push back our schedule. I don't think they'll be a spill. Anyway, back to it. Sorry for how to fashion a tolment apologize it was out of wine. While you should make how you going to make amends? I don't see you doing the work showing remorse. You're laughing. I'm going to release her public apology. That gives no substance to the claim. Hile you maybe have to be in a video, it has not. It has to be a black stile with white text and it's like seven lines along and then I sign off the end with an x like most influences. Yes, the MDOUS, most hollow apology you've ever in your life. Do you know who else has been weirdly canceled? Jennifer Lawrence. Shouldn't even do anything time wage. You know what's really weird about that is her self awareness about it. MMM. So she came back with don't look up, which was really say that the shit me, but I really thought it was fun. I liked it. It was so fun. I think, mean thought it, just didn't know, but it was kind of like a fun social commentary and people will like I didn't get it or it didn't y far enough and I was like fuck off, just enjoy it. Thought it when quite far Meryl Street being trump was fucking hilarious, so fun. Allegedly, she also goes red blue, red blue. So I actually think the comment is more you don't know what side she's on. I thought it very obvious that she was conservative, but she wore both colors equally. Was that supposed to be a I don't know, I took it that way. HMM, interest I thought she was meant to be trump. I thought so too, but do you know, did you see the tick tock where he, the director, Adam, what's his name, Adam Ackay, talks about the fact that the phone calls when they walk in and she's on the phone. She improvised, Oh, extend like Ordin maybe thirty different phone calls every time and they'll fucking hilarious. Back to it. Jennif Lawrence doing the press to of don't look up, and one of the things is like, Oh, you haven't been in a movie for a while and she's like yeah, I think like everyone just got sick of me. MMM. That is the definition of what it's like to be a woman in Hollywood. I think is like when I think women and men just decide one day when they've had enough of you. I think tayle swift actually talks really well about this and one of the things that she says is like women in this industry are expected to reinvent themselves in like these new and shiny ways that are acceptable to the public every two years. Yeah, men can make the same record over and over and over again and people will still be like wow, this is fucking experimental genius, whereas I think about the amount of transformations and like jenre tension's like peak tail swift, beyonce,... they have to do bigger and better every single time to continue receiving success and being told, as she says it, being tolerated by society. Yeah, think Jennifer lwrence experience the same thing. I just have to cancel you briefly because, lady guard, I said that before, Taylor, but anyway, keep you carry on. It's really not not getting the original thought. Cancelor Ball Nice sort of be fun, but I think lay I did the same thing. Yeah, she talked about in her documentary. I watched that. I didn't like it. I mean I love God, Guy was very strange documentary. That means I'm a footaller than her. She is for an entire well, that she's my age. No, my height. I was like wrong, she's your het. Yeah, I'm like a three quarters of an inch sho taller than her. Right, she is small anyway. But Jennifer Lawrence, it's because she did that everyone thought that she was being like a not like other girls. Yeah, she was a pick me girl. It'scause's not can't. But I don't think that she was being a not like actually, no, that's she's sling quirky and she fell a lot, but she's just we can't say. Also, bell she flet's be real. Those were like two thousand and thirteen, two thousand and fourteen. That was cool at the time of the clicky. It was like Tumbler era. It did. I don't everyone to want to talk about her in thirteen. Loved the Hunger Games, but if we can't cancel over falling, if she felt do you think that was a fake ful? Can that's all? People said? No, you wouldn't fall on you wouldn't fall the Oscars. No, my phonone read carpet, but not at the Oscars. No, any I think the fall there was a no, that's okay, it doesn't matter. WHO gives a fuck? I think the point is, like it's really sad that people were like Oh, annoying and then she was like, okay, I'll go away. Kind of respect it. In a weird way. I do too, because, I mean I think I was of the same idea. Like it, she's getting annoying, which is so unfair. Looking back, I'm like she's a great actress. MM. I mean I think tal swift and Lady Gaga are two of the only people in women in the industry, in the sort of entertainment area who've successfully reinvented themselves beyond so many times. I said beyond before, but I actually don't think she's reinvented herself that many times. Yeah, true, I don't that's a fair thing to say. Well, maybe it's a different level of success. She's hasn't even been able to do that. But I haven't had to reinvent I feel like beyonce goes away for a few years and then comes back, and then goes away and then comes back where. I feel like tails with Lenny Garga have been more consistent. Do you think that. I don't. I think they've been equally as consistent as one another. Really disagree? Do you agree? BEYONCE has been around for a lot longer, though. True. If you didn't find us a completely insufferable come back next Wednesday for a new episode. Could also find this on instagram at cheek mediaco, or online cheek Mediacom to day. You yes, but felt that's the one.

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