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1. My best friend Lesley said


In the inaugural episode of the Weekly Cheek podcast, Hannah and Kristin share their top ten Miley Cyrus songs, take a break to talk about the difference between Karen and Karyn, and eating refried beans cold out of the can.

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Hello, I'm Christen Parison Otto and I'm Han a Ferguson, and where co founders of Cheek mediac this is the week the cheek podcast. My Mom's name is gap, is it? Yeah, Oh my God, sorry, it's okay. So the why? Oh, if I don't do a proved twenty minutes up in my coffee, I'm just like, what's happened? It's the sadness that I don't like. Don't matter. I find about us. Big Less Irus by the has iconic songs or she has flops. Yeah, I can't think of many songs. I think my syces discography, because it's a hundred fourteen songs. It's actually a few less because I had a few in there that she was featuring. I think it's closer to a hundred. Okay, yeah, so it's a hundred flight. I would say it's thirty, great, forty, just absolute shit. Yeah, and then the middle thirty is just like really like it could be in the shit like it's just kind of mid. It's like a lower mid. There's not really an upper mid tier. Yeah, it kind of just goes God and then Adam Sandler and then he'll whole. Yeah, that's how? What is it? So mean? He's Adam saying that? Five out of ten? Is that what you are? Adam said those is absolutely huting that. That lower middle? Okay, central middle. Yeah. So Hannah and I both wrote our own list, top fifty list. So I actually listen to every single Moley Cyrus Song. I did not. I've got confident off in really really striking some things out. Well, some of them it was like I sawt okay, so the twinkles long. Okay, this was like on the top three of multiple lists because it was real and raw and emotional. This website called intern, I'm going to call them out, because they wrote some really good things about that song. They were like, Oh, it was so emotive. We've never heard anything so real and raw from Miley. First of all, everything she doesn't is real and RAW. I hate the phrase real and raw, but I truly believe that's why I like her. Yes, and that's what they's like. I don't think you will yes exactly, because you're like, well, she's being her yeah, but that that song, like it does not it. The lyrics are whack. It does not like rhyme. It doesn't. It doesn't even basic stands a level. Yes, literally, like it just doesn't. I saw you like flint at the end of a week. How you obviously waiting for it to run. What if you, if you, if you're listening to this and you listen about the helicopter, but it is really word fucking gets me about that. Go listen to Schrink or song after this, because but that it doesn't like yet. So there are a few songs like that one that I was like, okay, I know they're like a favorite among at least, you know, a decent number of people, but it does not like give her vocals any justice or any room to shine. So I ask those off the list immediately. I don't like that song personally and I just don't think it has any place. But like top three people had it in multiple people. Everything on dead pets, except for maybe one, went straight to the bottom of my bottoms list immediately and I kept playing them. I was like, I didn't just throw them all in there. I was like, I'm going to listen to all of them. That's really impressive. Thank you. To do the same thing. I'm so brave. You are, you're generous. I'm brave and generous anyway. So I didn't like that. I guess this kind of like when we're going for an objective best. I would say that kind of says my number one can't be it. But I truly believe this song has so much it is iconic, like you know when you know those old shite music channels on Fox, they'll do like the one of thousand best of the decade of everyone's music. Like that. This song belongs, belongs because everyone fucking knows it. Yeah, it's tail swift love story. Yeah, that's IT, is it? See you again. Yeah, you just the thing. And the reason I would remove it from number one is because it's not her best objectively, but also because I don't know that she'd want her best to be. Had A Montana Song. And when I say had a Montannas I mean it's on a Hanna Montana era ICED album, from the era, even though it's might make my cyrus track. That's track, that's I'll be double album. So good. All right, I'm seeing again. The best line without a fucking DABT is my best friend Leslie said. I know she's being man so good, it's just so. It's a I can't it's iconic. I hate the way I'm just doing. But it is. It's my number one because she's had a lot of iconic songs, and that's the thing with her as it's either just absolutely smash it or it's just no one knows or cares or listen to. I and everyone's like who when it comes on, and that's so sorry. It's true. It's my sister's favorite as well. She put it as a number one. I didn't even prompt her, okay, which is interesting. She's not a Miley stand like us. Okay, I don't think she didn't really get on board at the Hanna Montana thing. Yeah, so, and she thinks is her number one best song. I think it's because, no matter what people some of that song, I love it. Even when I hear other songs from the top ten, I kind of thinks was...

...a sad then. Yeah, and it's not even about like like it's objectively worse of but I just think see you again. Everyone knows it was from, you know, like it was one of her breakout yeah, and it helped forge this different path for her, I think as well. Yeah, I've in that part of the soundtrack be hers and all these things. Yeah, true, absolutely so good. I do agree. So see you again. Is In my top three little spoil of food. It is. Yeah, it is an iconic tune. Yeah, I actually, when I was thinking about it, I was like is it? Is it more iconic than like the climb or Party in the USA? That's what other people argue, right, yeah, that's what fansful. That's what non fans will argue. Part in the USA for me is not even in the top ten. Oh really, I don't really have much time time for it. Oh, for one, it's not a party in the USA. Has Been for a fucking long time. Yes, keep that in there. Yeah, not, I don't think that. I mean that's like surely this is not the party. Yeah, but the videos. Great, m everyone's a tongue, like she's so hot, like she's yeah, so Miley, and she's what the people want money to be. Yeah, that's time true. You know, I don't want it. I don't want to raise that as like this is about someone. I get it, and it's iconic, but I think she has look so many iconic hits and big world wide hits and for me part of the USA is fun. Yes, and it's like a famous club song and I'm famous, like high school song. Is it in your top twenty? It's in. It's eleven. Okay, okay, because for me it's number seven. It's number eight. If I was going for objective best, I'd actually probably put it like seven. It's in my favorites. It's not, because I just think it's ever played. Yeah, and I think it's fun, but I don't really know much space it holds anymore. MMM, don't like. Yeah, I get what you mean. I also think that, for I could, I was really trying to like separate my like nostalgia from the the master top fifty. Yeah, and I don't know. For me, like I always preferred the climb to party in the USA and I that's reflected in my list. Think people just love the I love the climb. It's iconic love. And she sings it like now, like she dep was it last year? She loves it. Yeah, she loves it, which is important. Yeah, I don't know if she sings. See you again. Oh, she did it when she released younger now album. Okay, if that wasn't that longer. That was one of her live like performances when she was promoting that album. You should go for your number one. Okay, so my number one is adore you. This is really interesting to me because you're saying that. You're saying that from a perspective of objective best, personal favorite. This is my personal favorite, but I do believe adore you, in a master list should not be any lower than number two. So Hannah was shook when I told was it's because I think it's about one. It's a great song, but I think that staple of my lie sis is something rocky or upbeat or poppy, and I'm not saying that door you isn't that, but I think that I don't like that it's so slow considering all her massive, massive bangers. Huh. You know what I do? You know what I love about it? I love that it was released at the same time as wrecking ball and we can't stop. But it's got a huge whole different times. Yes, exactly, and I just feel like it showed like so much of her and for me, like that was at my bangs. Is My top, top, top album and I love it. I love the whole album pretty much, but I also was like really into her as a person and I just felt like for the face, like just her head with like the Red Lips, and I just felt like, in comparison, because we can't stop is a great song, but any female pop star could have done it. But I feel like they couldn't have done it. They could exactly clear they couldn't have done adore you, and I just think it's like I'm getting goosebumps. That's how much I love her, because when I think of that video clip, I'm just like, Oh my God, she's like truly can do it all. And also, I think the break up, her breakup, was so I don't know. I just felt so sad for her, with the way that everyone was talking about the breakup and everyone's just like, well, she shaved her head and now William's family hate her. I felt that way too. I felt so sad for her because every caron in the world, including my mother, everyone I know. My Mom's name is gay. Is it? Yes, Oh my God, sorry, it's okay. So the why? Oh, I love when you do that. You like because you don't often not know what to say. Well, when you do that, I know you're like, I don't know what. Very quick response, Karen. I really think that makes a difference. If it's a wary that's like when I go to a cafe they're like, oh, is it with an age at the end? I'm you fucking serious,...

...because it's H and if it's not an age at the end, ask them to leave. Well, I'm Christen with an iron. So yeah, you are that. You're the person I'd asked to leave. But again, I think Christian with an iron looks nice. I mean it looks consistent, because you got two eyes. Yeah, they're all like thin letters. My name is a palindrome. It is consistency city. Okay, you love me, love consistency. We are lish. I'm so inconsistent as a person. I probably the most you consistent person ever. Oh, I am the I am consistency impersonated, but if I actually, I flip ball around, I would be Shoreko. If you said that I wasn't, I'm wrong. Gonna saw you just like to the book. Yeah, whatever you present us, you are like it's completely if I don't yourself to be if I don't have a my poo, if I don't do a poo twenty minutes after my coffee, I'm just like, what's happened? Like, I'm will be truly like thrown off for the day. If I do to consistent poose in a threeday period, I'm fucking sure your relation should try and beating time. Look, I'm never wanted to say that, but like no, I actually agree with you, because when you tell me that I was interesting and take some wine supplement, I eat like a Canna bake pans a day and I'm still more consistent. That's crazy, yeah, I know, but see, this is what it was for me. Please stop the beat. But you haven't. You eat things stright out of the CAN, which is just durving. The Very Fried Beats. Yes, it's delicious. Look, I hate refribrate. You've mentioned a few times and I've like contained myself, but Oh my God, Oh, you eat them cold? No, hate them up. So I'll tell you. Ah, I hate this texture. Oh My, you don't need the colder. Do you like my potato? Yes, I'm shit. No, no, no, refrave means I'll beattier. Know, that's so funny. Desire. I actually what Baalty by my boys. Do you buy them? If I don't fry them, I don't have if they are on a meal, I will scoop to the side. There is so disgusting Shit. I thought that way. I was onions. Is Like mushy peas. Yuck. I wouldn't do that. But every friend beans. That's where you draw the line. I don't want it. If it's green. Everyone hasn't bound dry. Everyone is a safe word. Yeah, okay, sorry. What were we saying? HMM, beans, my stomach is going off on this pizza. Sorry, sounds like I'm fighting. I'm not. I actually can't hear anything in that. I thought, because I kept up, he just took louder over it. What were we talking about? Adoy, yeah, and then same time, same album, same zone. Yes, I think a lot of people thought, Oh, carrot, that was it. Yes, yes, yeah, can't be tamed. was just a baby step in that process. Yeah, literally always wanted to be that it wasn't real. I mean, obviously she's probably having a hard time. Yeah, and the amount of criticism that she received. I think something it's important to note that I really liked what she said was in her couple charaoke with James Corton. She says I realized after the VMA's it was two thousand and thirteen, wasn't. Yeah, I realized that if all those people were going to comment or something I did. It had to be something con Oh, yes, when she became more of an activist, I love it, because I'd become an activist one really kid. Like, yeah, everyone cares. When she does a cover for the happy hippie foundation with Harry out a grande, yeah, like really cool and hot and stuff, but it's crazy how much people care. Then she, you know, got her ass out, and I mean she didn't really. I mean everyone cared that she was sort of in that outfit doing that thing on stage. But then when she was creating a foundation, when she was, you know, being an activist, no one really cares. They only want to frame hers. She was with Liam. They did the last song. Had I want Hannah, my God. Yeah, and then, sorry, think this, like yeah, then phone finger, HMM, and she's a Halloween costume five years. Yeah, and then suddenly she's getting married. Everyone fucking cares. And what's to come in on that? Yeah, and sating divorce, and it's courdy, seems, and everyone was to comment on that, like no one really comments on the other stuff. Then one hares. Yeah, it's sad. It is sad, and I think like everyone acted like the two thousand and thirteen vmts was this huge thing. I went back and watch it and I was like what, but now I think it would be a different reactions. But I think it proves that a lot has happened. Agreed. But also, like Garga, beyonce, like so many other people, were doing that style star Ilization. Yeah, yeah, right, absolutely. Like I remember there was a photo of her that came out was she was, she was young, I think it was like two thousand and nine maybe, and it was a photo of her, red lipped, dark hair, long blanket over her. She had no top on and it was a blanket. I was that. was that on her in her memoir? Yes, yeah, and Oh, I remember watching like five weeks of sixty minutes coverage on of my parents, like,...

Oh my God, watch this. I just remember thinking her parents were at the shoe. Yeah, you don't see anything but her bare back, but it was this sexualization and I guess it, Buddy, I get the comment, but the way that it was posed was like she was no longer a role model because she had a bad topless photo. But you can't even see her boots. Yeah, you can't. That's so straight, red lipped, a bit sultry. Yeah, but looking back, I just think, oh my God, she was always going to lose the war. Yeah, always, yeah, for sure, and it was horrible. I think she's won it now. I think so too. I think she's gotten past I think she just kind of persevere, because I think Vanessa Hudgens, who's not as big as style, obviously, but while she uns to be yes exactly, didn't make it through because Miley owned it in the way that a lot of those other young stars didn't, and I think that's why she's gotten through it, because she's just like, well, I don't the fact that people were so shocked by like her bangers and and Vma era, when you said she did in can't be taped. Literally, the the name of the song can't be tankeed, like she's like a video. Here I am, this was who I am. I'm not Disney anymore and I never was, and I have a finally being free. And then she comes out like in a, you know, Bikini esque thing, and everyone's just like I had lost their mind. I think the worst thing about that was the Robin Thick Song, which is so catchy, like it's so annoying how catch it is, but it's like pretty creepy. It's disgusting. Yeah, it is. It is disgusting, and I know one comes in the fact that he's married. It's a she's a mad many like he's fucking doing that, you know what exactly? And the problem was the with the lyrics, not the fact that she was working on him or looking him. What if she was that time? Think it was interesting. I'll admit it was an interesting artistic choice. It was actually because I did watch this like two days ago after I watched the Carpool Karaoke and I was like, I don't actually understand why she has a finger. Yeah, I didn't really get it. If it were baseball song, like I didn't really get it, because everyone was saying I was like suggestion. She kept like touching herself with it and I was just like also, it just takes it all the through, like she's a small woman time. Yeah, so I don't really understand the finger. Yeah, neither. But at the end of the day, all pouchers has a bloody great album. Yes, it's very ing. I also loved how she has less clothes on a wrecking ball. Yeah, sexual, and yet it was one of the biggest videos. It was probably the biggest video of that year. Yeah, her most popular songs to day. Exactly. She was fully nude, wasn't she on the ball? Yes, except for boots, classically, because in is looking that. It was a big deal when it came out to people like, Oh my God, but it was iconic. Yeah, she's the crying though, the red lip. The AH was yeah, it's beautiful. It's crazy, but it's beautiful. Yeah, it is, it is. And then we can't stop. It's like chaotic that. I've had everything. It did, ear did, we can't stop. is also in my top five. It's ten for me. Ten. I know, that's again the favorites. Was Not a best least way pub we're going to publish the best list. You worry, I know you just you know, you're dying. The top fifty. Yeah, and honestly, if you're in, if anyone, if people are interested, I will rank the bottom fifty. That would be come putting. Actually will. I will listen to dead peps again. Okay. So all right. So see you again. For me was number three. I went number one. Adore you, number two, wrecking ball, number three. See you again. Okay, so I went number one, see you again. Number two, wrecking ball. Go US on that. Yeah, number three, hold down, throw down, and I want to talk about nothing. Three, yeah, it's important. I'll tier than the climb. How do want? How the movie? Wait, you've got her down, throw throw it down, higher than a door. You End. Can't. We can't stop a hole down. Throw down was our fucking macarina for years. You cannot ignore the optics. And it is popped up over her microphone so as you could very intensely look into my eyes. Okay, I get at the climb's iconic. I'm tired, you know when this is really pathetic. But you know, one like everyone gets ahold of something that's like your thing. It's like a love throw of tail suits, like everyone seems it in a bowl in the drunk like it's. Yeah, I know, you're right. Hold down, throw down. It's not better than the climb in a personal favorites. It's better because it's a nostalgic thing. The climb is too, but that song has an entire dance and if now you gave me, if I sniffed a spirit, and by that I mean a vodka, a fucking goes. That's a killer bottle and I had three friends around me and you thought of playing that song, we would get up. Okay, it's really important. How down throw it down. It's yes, it's, and you do want yes, same, I know. But also, have you noticed that those certain moves that people do differently important? It bothers me, but because I'm like, I try to had... tutorial video. How the fuck did you get that? Literally, that's how what I do the and there's even one spot in the movie where Miley does like a twist on it and I'm like, non, in this world there are two types of people that. There are people that know the her down throwdown and there are people who don't. Yeah, and it's important. It's it's it is the nut Bush, it is the macrena. It stands alongside those as a loan song. Yeah, it has a lot of the climb is iconic. I understand. It's probably better than it yeah, it is better to listen to you like you wouldn't like I'm not sitting on the bus to work. I fuck got load out, throat down, but when it comes on in the right environment, it will kill me. Okay, that's why it's important. Interesting that single ladies for me interesting. I actually I do know this thing. I used to be able to do the whole single ladies film clip dance. That's what that's impressive for my formal but I don't really, really really remember the top the highlights. Now I actually was doing the whole dance throw down in my living room in front of the mirror only just a matter of weeks ago. We wasn't. How could you possibly so outraged when I say I'm just it's okay. So the top ten they like have tiny little mud like a puts a point of a percentage between them. So it is a very type, but it's so. It's more it's not that I am shocked that it's number three necessarily. It's more that I'm surprised how many things you put it above. Yes, I understand, because I have heard I'm going to be disgraced by my nose too. I have heard down throw it down as number nine. I think that's probably I think your list is way more accurate than mine. This is just really an ego thing where I'm like a baby. If it looked at my spotify very like that's definitely what this I asked Hannah if she was writing a list for her favorites or the best, and she said it was boys. You go whatever it is, the best is my favorite. And I swam thing, look, that's so selfish, that's so selfsetted like that is disgusting. And then I've I took some reflection, I walked away, I thought about I realized yet it's my favorites, is not the best. Yeah, okay, so we have so we've got a doore you, wrecking ball. See you again for me, and see you again, wrecking bull. Head out throw enough for you. Yeah, okay. So I think when we're going to the best, we could potentially agree on wrecking ball ats the top one. Yeah, I think it has the perfect intersection of popularity and quality. Yeah, agreed, because it really combines like it's so fun. Yeah, it's quite heartbreaking at the same time. Yes, good vocals. Yeah, iconic video. Yeah, stays forever in our hearts. Yes, I need to watch the video again. Okay, so we're going to put that as number one. So you've got down, throw it downe. This number two, number number three. So my number four is we can't stop. Okay, is it in your top ten? We can't stop, is ten for me. Okay, good, just checking exactly me. So I think we've talked enough about we can't stop. But for me it's again. I think that because this is my personal favorites. Again, the BANGERS, like Bangers, had to go at the top because I'm like I just they're my favorite ever, like bangers. And then Hannah and her to meet malice crus but the Hannam. I mostly only listen to the miley songs on that double album. On bangers, there are six songs that I love and the rest can absolutely go. Oh Yeah, you don't like SMS, no for by four or time, no time, no time for it. What about? Get it right? I think there are some great I mean, I actually don't think there's anything in there that I don't like. I'M gonna put on a controversial to you. My number four is slide away. I think it's a good point of conversation because, and this is, this is where this is really we were's opinion comes from Miley Cyrus's best songs are her heartbreak songs, wrecking ball and slide away to kill. Yeah, I love them and I strongly believe her next album will be her best yet, and my personal favorite. Get this. So weight was like slide away was a her round two, like Liam heartbreaks. That correct. Yes, she really stood essentially as like a month after the announced we're getting a divorce. Yeah, well, separation. So you're looking forward to the cody Simpson heartbreak. Not, that's courty Simpson. But I think the next album will kind of be her best. Like I love midnight sky and I love sliderway. That's what she's released most recently. I also love this era of what she's doing, when her life forms as her covers. Yeah, I think it's her best yet. Yeah, and I think that what's about to happen will be her best because she's just gone through a massive period of transformation and I think it's one by the transformation and a lot of shit going down, yeah, rather than like, oh, it's a breakup thing. Yeah. So I think Cody Simpson, no offense cody, was cause the level of heartbreak that this whole ten years apparently. AM definitely would have. Yeah, I think that content still freshman to produce. Also, I'd have a theory, and it's not like my own theory anything, but a lot of people say that a lot of the time you like if you go through a really big break up the side from a very like serious or long term relationship and then you have another relationship, that...

...that break up will hit you harder because you're actually morning the loss of two relationships because you didn't take time to like, like shove a plug in the original one, and it will just open up more wounds. Exactly, although you could argue that because she had to to have that fling with the it like Kadashi in adjacent yes woman, yes, I did something. I didn't follow that. I don't know. It happened really quickly and then I don't care about the the K words. I don't say them there my phone generally, because otherwise it will show me their content. So yes, I do agree. Slide away. It was not in my top ten. Yeah, understand why it's not. I don't know. I just find it's not like it didn't really have the punch that I'm looking Oh, it did for me. I loved it. Hmm, I just thought it wasn't I thought it was great vocally. I thought it wasn't kind of too much or too little. I thought it was like a really good tone, really good energy level. I just like it. As I can listen to it most scenarios. It made me for sad. I just enjoy it as like I'll enjoy the momentum of the song. I think that it didn't show off her full vocals. That's like an apparent things that you don't think wrecking ball does. Yeah, but I don't think it's I think I've had the climb, I don't think because I think her best as country and rock and I do not think either of those songs really play into that. I don't think any of her her discography does. Yeah, I think she does shine in her covers. Yes, so we've had this conversation before, but I think that she really shines when she's I think that she wants to do rock, yeah, and or country. Honestly, lately I think it's more rock, like heart of glass, which, see you again, my God, does a bit. It does. Actually, it is a little bit, which is weird out of all the songs. He's like, come on, but I just think that that's like her true passion, except she still on some level believes that she has to be do the pop starlet the market. Yeah, yeah, which I think it's a shame. So you're heart of glass, like every rose has its thorn. Every time she covers like are either a Dolly Parton song or a billy ray Cyrus. She did lie like wine, which is Jeff Buckley cover, and that was in that same backyard sessions as a jollne oh, oh, killed. I didn't. I haven't heard, though, but Jolie was so good, even though the video was so weird, like a band. I was like, who were these guys? So interesting? It was really weird. Or and she did take it to the limit by the Eagles recently for BBC. I think the come on so good. Yeah, God, because I feel about this. I feel about Miley the same way I feel about Garga when she did that album with that old Oh duets, with Tony something. Yeah, Tony, I want to say Tony Robins, of that same Tony Bennett. Yeah, I think so. Robbins is the famous yeah, Life Cord. Yeah, we don't endorse it. Wait by what's slide away? Yeah, yeah, I get why you disagree. Yeah, but I just I don't know why I have a weird soft spot for it. Okay, I put it in my top twenty, but not in my top ten. I think I was mourning. Yeah, it is very sad, but because I think they should be together. I don't necessarily think that at all. I don't know anything about their relationship, so that wouldn't be right. I just yelt like fuck, this is stressful for her. Yeah, and then and doing it again, like an another break, another so public with breakup, I was more grieving for what she was going to face as a person from the media, because it was never going to be his fault, and it like I don't know who felt it was. I don't really like I love them together. I just adored it. I thought, Oh, yeah, yeah, but when they've recompied his thought, you're going to cop the blame for this, no matter what happened behind the scenes. Exactly. Well, the HEMN's worse. Both of them are painted is he's like them, so lovable, good, like Oka blokes. Oh, they're so like likable lozzy surfer dude. Yeah, exactly, probably are. I think they probably are on I think. I think they're probably lovely guys image. They've clearly been together for a long time. Yeah, every they're pretty transparent, like they're not really in the media. I think they're just Ozzie guys. Yeah, I think they probably are both lovable as anything. Yeah, but I no matter what he did or she did, she was always going to be the villain. Yeah, agreed, because she's been the slot in the media for so long, so she was always going to cop it. Yeah, and that stuff, because she actually cut her hair when they were still together, except then they broke up and then everyone was like, oh, like, Miley's like lost it, she's going off the rails. Just look at her hair cut, and so like evely suitor. Yeah, it does. It look so good. I I like her like bangers hair, I like. I think she could do anything, like what the mult I was like, oh no, and then I was like fuck, w Oh my God, it works. Yeah, it works. She's the only one who can pull form. Because you're I might be incorrect, your favorite Miley era is now. Oh yeah, yeah, see, mine still bangers. Yeah, love her. Start, worried for her then. I'm a bit all right for her now, but I think she's really coming into her own. The covers, Ye, outfit's in there. Everything she's been doing lately, she doing on podcast and killing it, yes and again. Even if I don't agree with her, I believe all the time. I think she's so her. Yeah, me too, me too. I think that I wouldn't. I did yet BANGAS era my favor, but I wouldn't want her to go back to that because I don't think she was happy. I don't know if she's happy now, because I'm I get also don't...

...know her. Yeah, sadly so, might lie hills lining reach out. not been upset, but emails. So I actually saw her life in concert in Bang has EERRA, and I'm so glad I saw her as she was then. Also, who knows when will ever be able to see a live concert again. It was, I don't know, just like her energy. It was like Vma Energy, like that's what she liked. was like riding a hot dog. I went with my best friend, who is not that into Miley, but she was just like wow, she was like I was. I'm so glad we went to that. I was so good. Yeah, it was really good. Good go on with her exactly, exactly, and honestly, like anything could have happened. I probably would have still been impressed, but she really liked delivered the goods. Yeah, she was so good anyway. But yes, I hope, I hope, she's happy and I think she's happier, yeah, than she was, but in terms of yet her and Liam. That's what I was going to say. I think, Um, because it was so such a long relationship as well, like, particularly for celebrities, and because they started so young. It was like and also Miley's like around my age. I think she's. She is your age. Yeah, I think she's only a few months older. Maybe he's remember. Yeah, she's November, ninety two. Yes, nanny, true, so almost a year older than me. I'm ninety three. So I feel like I and I watched, like I watched Hannah Montana at the right time, like I watched it when I was her age and then I kind of like yeah, like I said, lost it a bit with the can't be tamed era and I came back to her and like again, she was my age, not that I found her relatable at all, but it was just this like, you know, they met so young and they were still together and they had rough patches and they made it because almost yeah, that kind of thing was just really nice to me and I was sad when they broke up, but I when they broke up the first time, I was like Oh, that's like really sad for both of them. I think I was more sad for Miley. Yeah, I think that because I've always believed her. HMM. And I don't think she was being deceptive, like obviously she was just married and it was rough. But I think it was because I was so excited when they got married and MMM, Christmas, and I thought weird, we really, I thought, felt weird. When they got married. I felt like cries. Yeah, I just passed them. I would like to do it in a close family thing, and I thought almost be going well because I think like don't make a show of it. I like trusted that. Yeah, and then when they announced it, I was honestly taken aback. I was shocked that when they were getting divorced. Yeah, and I thought it's not like I obviously have no rights to feel anything about a relationship I'm not in and the person I don't know, but I know this. But it felt like, oh, but you. She's always the upfront person. Yeah, and I felt like I really believed, Oh my God, they're gonna be together forever. I just I always thought she was very open in the public life. Have to be. Yeah, I think I was just shocked by it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think I was surprised when they got married because I thought that she wouldn't be the type to get married. But I also think that's because I always like, like I said, I didn't relate to her, but I like felt some type of weird connection to it, like it was almost this mostly I was with in with influences. You kind of like feel that you're like you, they're your friend almost, and I don't know, some part of my head was like I knew we went friends logically, but like some but like I if I had always thought like, Oh, what would I do if I met Miley, and I always thought that we'd have like a pleasant exchange, not think, not remembering that she doesn't know who I am, like that's the best way I can describe it. Like I'm not going to be say Miley, and then she can be like hey, kristen, how you going? I know that you had your birthday recently. I was bad, like not like that, but I just like I was like, oh, would be cool to meet her and like have a quick chat, and then I realized, like that's not what happens when you meet a celebrity, because I don't know. You are either freak out or you like they just got by the day and they don't say hi. Do you? Yeah exactly, or you like you're they're like old, you want a photo, cool, like a great bye bye, nice to me, not like how was yeah, exactly. So I don't know I felt. And also because I'm not like really that into celebrities, particularly like since high school, but I'm always really into her. So it's not like I think of like, Oh, you know, all my favorite celebrities. It's she was kind of like on a different level. Anyway, I'm glape she's happy. Yes, I I think she is now. Yeah, so do I. my number five is the climb. My number six of the climb. So's okay, that's close. My number five is mother's daughter. Yeah, okay, I love it. Yeah, great era. HMM. And also not a big fan of that EP. Know, his daughter kills. I love Mother's daughter and the most. The others I don't like. Yeah, I like the most. It wasn't my favorite either. It's like a nice sad thing. Yeah, I think that when that album came out it was like, Oh my God, Miley has really something. Yes, that's how I was like to I don't want I like dream. That's because like my my house likes it. Not Really, because I wouldn't listen to it by my if I got myself. Yeah, I know, that was just like an influence thing. Yeah, I don't love dream. I'SDA is a great familist anthem. She did really. Yeah, yeah, she does really have like materialist explicitly like that.

No, she doesn't end. Also, I think mother's daughter appeals to a wide audience, like it appeals to like a non miley stand gred audience, and it's got more going into that rock edge. Yes, yeah, agree, I mean, I guess not really, but sort of, sort of. Yeah, she's dipping her toe. The more I think about the Romo, not quitey by I want to be. Yeah, but I think it's a great the era and the esthetic of it was very rock black and white. Yes, vibes. Yeah, it was. It was, and that was when she was doing like her she'd like grown out roots. Yes, yeah, yeah, very much like high flare jeans. Yes, that's right, like Ti tshirts and like big necklaces and stuff. Yeah, yeah, it's it's like s a Nye. Yeah, I just I thought somebody's rock. Love the boots, sort of. Yeah, my number six is Gano. That's my funny and I love Giano, but it cannot find a place in the top ten. I'm sorry, I know that it can't in a general top ten, but it is in my favorite personal and like, I feel like everyone who I told that it was in my top ten like had to had a reaction. Like some people like, Oh my God, Gano, like what? Any went to listen to it after you said it, and I was like, Oh, this was fucking great. No, I was great, you know, the best of both worlds. Concert had I'm on time. To me my sus movie, though. That was the golden era, it was, and Gno and let's dance had some great sequences in that movie and that yeah, maybe, Oh, yeah, killer, yes, and that's why all of those songs is because it reminds me of that movie and the going and seeing it, the d glasses, flesh through the glass. She I was like ten. It was my tenth, but my ten birthday we watch that movie d glass that we got from came up. Oh that's cool. Oh at home, yeah, we are, my God hide of technology. I just think Gano, yeah, like what am I? So good? It was and I I get that, but I cannot knowingly put it in the top ten because she has too many good things. Yeah, no, I get that. I respect it. Yeah, so, yeah, mine's the climb and that's clearly should probably be higher, but for me not really. Yeah, yeah, the climb was like my highest of her like older songs as number four. I've gotten number four, the climb, number five. GNO, seven is do my Thang Hie. I just said. Yeah, you just ispecting my game. Yeah, is can't be tamed. Okay, it did not make the can't be tame didn't make it. I don't get made it to my top twenty. Ony Do, I didn't make mine. Can't be tamed is her first expression of otherness from Disney. Yeah, I get that. Oh, crucial. That video is great. In the bird cage she's got the wings. It's dramatic. The eyeliner, the hair, my mom going wash, he's not very crushed. The album cover came out me going fucking hot, mom a twelve. We upset that anyone would like crucify her for other boots. Not they didn't know what was to come. That they couldn't have prepared themselves with the Bang is here, Cal Bear Tame. Was Her going? Brace yourselves? Yeah, no one took a seriously, and I fucking did that video. And remember the start of the video is should in the bird cage in the stage and people coming like, Oh my God, what's up, incredible, her hair. Oh the look I just it was really when she became a sexual being. Yeah, that her awakening. MMM, go, Miley, I will defend that. I should be higher. I've just talked myself to put at highlet's just how about how I would you? How hard would you put it? So it's seven. Now, see you again. One wrecking ball too. I would arguably go three for coffee time, really, because I think it does serve more of a purpose. And slide away and terms like I because what I'm thinking about when I rank these is what am I listen John Spotify, what is in my list of things that I actively listen to, and those things are new us. So they like slideways and new yeah, comes up. That's what I was really careful about, not putting them the top. Yeah, whereas can't be tamed has such it deserves it. It deserves to claim that spot. I guess number three interesting. Well, I don't. I think part of it is because, again, like I meet, I wasn't on the Miley training at that time and going back to listen, haven't you to be honest, I I actually have. I actually have. I wish that I could listen, go back now and listen to all of her songs in the ears that they came. Yes, because for me, like knowing what Miley Cyrus Yeah, has the nostalgic value because I distinctly remember playing it on my sister's pink Karaoke CD player and I remember buying it with my own money. I do exactly forwards, a pocket money or something. At the time it was. Yeah, I was like the first thing I bought like with my own money. I think it probably was birthday money, and I went to w with my friend and I'm pretty sure we both bought it and then I brought her home and I was like, Oh... God, I have a CD. Is My first CD? Was it? Yes, that I'd like got for myself, not that from my parents sport. Yeah, actually, fun factor. Blondie, heart of glass was like one of my parents, like top my mom Rasi beef. Okay, so I can see where what you're saying, but I can't get on board with it, unfortunately. It's okay, I respect it, but yeah, do my thing. I don't know, I don't really have much more to say about it. I love it. Solid ocurvence to Banger, and I think that I had like wow, that debated. It's like, I mean lyrically. It's not like genius or anything, but I feel like it kind of put together like her vocals, with like a little bit of wheat, like kind of Weird Alternative Indi type of I don't know, it's like I would like crank it in the car. Yeah, that's how I know. I like a Sony Person. I mean I like enjoy it, but I would never just like to be like, I really think listening to that right now, and I would even really it wouldn't cross my right. Okay, so when I was into Miley, usually what I would do as I'll go into Miley on spotify and I I the pick from the top five, or or I'll go into bangers and when I go into Bangers, I will click on do my thing really. Yeah, this is what happened for me. We said, let's right a top fifty list. I want to into bang as and I went and I clicked on and I went, that's what that is, and then I pressed ports. Okay, that's what I said. We get it right, but I still like it's important. SP It's forty three on my list. Forty three and Hannah. Sorry, no, Oh, that's after you're outside the cookie crus so you said you're lift liolist, like drops off a cliff at thirty seven. Oh, YEP, so it's post group cliff drop. I could listen to it on a night out. That's as far as I'll go. Number Eight, HMM, I'm on a controversial one. Okay, spotted the ocean from the breakout album. Okay, now, I think this was surprisingly popular for a song that literally sounds like it was recorded under water. Okay, so I I listened to it and I pretty sure I put it like kind of high just for anyone listening. Christian is, of currently viewing a photo on her monitor of a photo. Sorry, I fed on a monitor of a hundred and something post it notes she's put on a wall. She looks like a fucking conspiracy theorist because she's written every single miley cyrus on it's ever existed on a post it note pers song and ranked them on her kitchen wall and the kitchen walls around the corner from where we're sitting. So I to take a photos like a view it for my seat. Yeah, okay, I put bottoms of the ocean as number thirty. That's pretty solid, to be honest, considering you didn't really know it before you listen to it. I didn't. Yees, that is an alge factors. Yeah, it's then a stuff. So I actually think I placed it because I had a few like segments. I was like these are like top good as I was on the third tier. So appropriate that it's in the top thirty, I think. But I think that I did bump it off then hundred and twenty list because I listened to some of the others and I was like it's just not better. Yeah, and Aesto only mean. I think it's because I really like to break out when it came out. Yeah, but whowesome, the whole album. So as in your top so it's your number eight. That's crazy. It beats we can't so them party in the USA. Just put that in perspective for you, just to hurt your feeling. Actually, actually, I could accepted beating putting us that actually have, but I have an argument to make, and that argument is that I've done this wrong and I'd like to change you'd like to argue about you, if you like to say it's ID. Like to change bottom of the ocean and when I look at you, I'd like, when I look at you from the last song, Hmm, to be number seven instead. Okay, so they just seven and eight. No, I'd like to move bottom of the ocean to thirteen. I like a massive change for me. When I think about it, when I look at you, was like the Ballad of yeah, I wasn't nine. Oh my God, it was amazing. Okay, I thought this is brilliant. Okay, it's my number nineteen. Okay, well, it was my number thirteen, but I like to put in the top ten because it's a big deal for me personally. It is a really it's a great song, and she's like playing the piano and just different areas, like on that sort of board walk from the movie on the beach. Yeah, it's bloody. I actually haven't seen that the movie. Are you serious? Come Yeah, Oh my God, you have to cut US somewhere. I think. Okay, but what the fuck? I don't know why. It's bit like it's fucking I read the book before I went to the cinema to see it. Isn't it sad? Yeah, I don't like sad. Maybe yes, to watch it. It's Miley SRUS. It's Miley SARS and Lyamhem's work. He who dies, my Dad, her dad die at the start. And See, this is a PROB I...

...don't like movies at and sad. Watch the first half. Is that song in the first time? Know it's in the subtitles at their so it's not stus in the end credits. Okay, HMM, okay, it's a great movie. It's a romance. Yeah, it's where they meet as a couple in real life. It's the sadness that I don't like. Doesn't matter. I kind about he's big. I'm actually I'm just I'm disrespecting you so much. If it is, you listen to all of dead pets twice to get for baby. Can Watch the fucking glass song? Who Are you? It's the sadness. I can't. I knew that it was sad to the twinkles, not the way. Are you couldn't even bring yourself to watch Miley. So I said Liamhams with form of in a beach town. I will watch some like highlights on Youtube. I'm Ronnie. She's a goth. Her brother is so sweet and that has can. Somebody's hiding it from them. Liam works in Aquarium and I'm a candle and all this shit. It's I got a rich Daddy. It's like better than that. You know what I mean? Im It's ringing some bells. No, I've she's uge carrying and like two Nimes. I'm cooling. Okay, what if I read? Read the book? Don't do that, as worse and Nicolas Sparks. Fuck. Okay, watch the movie, you know, because what if I read the book? You're not gonna imagine to know where was not about right, written with mile. He is the fucking lead. Oh my God, I don't seen he's saying. Holy Shit, I just under say. I'm like, I was like, I'm always your dead pets, I must see every day, and now he revealed this. Oh my God, sorry, keep going. I've watched all of this. You know makes sense. Your favorite years bangs. You skipped out like a bunch of good years. Actually I suld make sense. leadly a researcher of the crop, it's like, hop out, you're a fucking phony. I believe honestly everything, this friendship. I can't believe you're right now. Okay, sorry, I'm making a petition to change, I mean make a petitions my list. When I look at she's a number. Nine is a midnight sky. HMM, it's didn't make my top I know it's because it's too fresh. Yeah, that's too fresh. Truly believe she's about to do her biggest shit yet. Okay, so my eight is party in the USA. Okay, and my nine is how down throw down. Okay. So what's your nine? Few from the banks album, for anyone doesn't know it? Okay, it's this is not a crowd favorite. It's not a crowd favorite, but it's an oice favorite. Yeah, agreed. I would have. I did have in the top ten, but it had to be bumped once again, if I sniffed alcohol. This is a song I want to listen to. It is quite iconic. It's like, I love the anger. Yeah, I did too. I love some like an angry woman in like a fun way. Yeah, because it's in the club way. Yeah, way and that it again. It adds an a layer to bangers. Yeah, exactly, because I think like the whole like angry woman trope is like ridiculous, but I love like this anger. That's like caption. This is like the anger that like Garga gives me as well. She's just like she's got some anger and I like it. It's really great outlet. Yes, I love. I'm like comfortable with anger. I'm not comfortable with sadness. So it's like some anger. I'm just like, who's a deep reveal. Yes, it is like. So, yeah, I not watch the last song, but I will. Someone has hands. I spent a week with my post it but I didn't. God, Great Cana, he's alive. What stuck on you afterward? Or something great maybe, but Damon, Great Cana, I feel like joint wins. I also have watched like a lot of like crap in my time. What do you mean by that? Like, if there's like a bad TV show movie on Netflix, those like bad Christmas movies, things like that, why is that relevant here? No, I'm sorry, I think it's. Sorry, I'm racing myself, so I will push through. Like the Shitty is Christmas movie before you watch a sad movie. Yeah, my God, I said bad movie, like this is not a good movie, but it's sweet. This helps tottles like Yanks. No, I feel like I've seen the trailer, but that's it. Yeah, and the trailer would have been too when I look at you, the incredible song, I'm alie. Sorry, yeah, I did. I was pretty sure I knew it from the from the movie, but if not, I haven't seen the movie. Okay, so it's important to her timeline. It's pivotal, someoneld say at the MOVESM is me. What would you give the movie out of ten for Quality? I'm a really weird critic quality. HMM, we're comparing it against like great films. Like what are we saying? Don't worry about any comparisons. Just do whatever you like, whatever school you feel like. Six point four, okay, what about for your faith? What do you mean for my faith? For your personal opinion about it all? That was my personal once again, sorry, I critic. Would say like for okay, I was at six point four. Okay, okay, noted. Okay, number ten. I...

...feel like mindsand to climactic, because we've really discussed the songs that end up being ten. Was Ten for you? Malibu? Oh that's not nymatic, that's a new song. Oh, we can't stop, it's boring. Oh okay, I felt like it was a I actually, when I read it, I was like, I kind of regret putting Malibu as ten. I feel like maybe should be switched out for something else after I've been inspired by your list. Be switched out for I don't know, but has to be Malory, doesn't it? The only thing I'd switched out is es northumbal and tie from the Cyrus. Oh my God, honorable mention. Okay, that's in my top fifteen. Let me just it's actually seventeen to me right now, but I think it could much higher. I just felt like it wasn't worthy because I feel like people don't talk about it enough. Easter thumbland high is no mine, number twelve, but I think that it deserves an honorable mention. It does. It's so good. So it is younger now. I love that song. Yeah, I like it as a friend. Okay, so it's okay, you're glad you it's the thumble and high is like, Oh, it's rocky, it's so good. And then also when you actually like the lyrics are like so relatable at the age or now for you. No, no, I think like like Christ and what my problem is? My problem is that I kissed you. WHOA. No, not that bit, not that bit. No, that's really resoluce. It's not real. Seven years. Wow. No, no, so you know the course. It's like you're my type of guy, I guess. If I was stuck in eastern thumbl and high for the rest of my life, I giving. Yeah, yes, I do. I canuinely like I think it's I get what you say. If you found us just totally relatable with courecky, come back next Wednesday for a new episode. Until then, head to cheek. Mediacom Don a you to tie you over until then by.

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