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6. Froomes, will you accept this rose?


In this epsiode we single-handedly take down the Bachelor. The Bachelor franchise is dying, it's losing young viewers, it has almost zero diversity, and people all over the country are quick to chastise the show but praise Osher in the same breath. We're cancelling the Bachelor unless Lucinda Froomes Price is the next Bachelorette.

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Hello, I'm Christa Parison Otto and I'm Han a Ferguson, and where co founders of Cheek Media Go? This is the week the cheek podcast. Maybe I don't know. I don't know, I didn't watch. This is terribly getting a review we haven't actually really watched it. You can't say Oh my God to Bacheley's evil and problematic and I love it every Wednesday and Tuesday. Yeah, and then say Osher is my king. Also, the Guy Shwicksdam was Carlin what? So, what's the last season you watched bachelor or the Bachelor or the Bachelor Paradise or the Bould all the bachelors? I so I watched the season with Sam Frost. That was a while ago. Yeah, and I picked Sasha in the first season. I was like he's going to win, and then I watched it and then he won, obviously, and then I also think I watched a little bit of I kind of watch Sam would season as well with cool girl heather. I mostly watched them because that was the time that Rosie was doing the mom and me a recat. Yes, that was quite famous the time. I think, honestly, a lot of bachelor viewing happened because of the response that. Yeah, I think now people that have taken over with that and honestly, it's too much. Oh my God, there are so many yeah, Punki's like entire base of content is bachelor and that's quite embarrassing for youth media. Yeah, it is, particularly because we're moving on past the way was really moving talk about that. That's exactly the last of what we're trying to talk about. Yeah, it's like the Bachelor has really I actually think when you watched it was the prime. Me Too, and I resisted it for so long because I was like, I can't give a shit about that. But then, and then one of my friends said, Oh my God, you have to watch the like read the rosy's recaps. They're so funny, and I read them and I was like I really have to watch it because I don't get it, and so I would watch so I could read the recaps and they were so funny. Great writing. Yeah, really, really good. And like even nine news does recaps now. Did you know that? And it's not their channel? No, it's so weird. Everybody's doing it. So I just watched those two seasons. I really liked him. Frost as a person. I think she was like, you know, great, like the girl next door type. Yeah, have of her. I was actually quite sad when her and Sasha broke up, to be honest, a few years after. I just never watched those season, so I didn't you invested in no, I personally feel like there was a few hiccups for the franchise. That kind of people were upset about. Like I actually think I've one million people didn't want it to be like when they chose so a few monk. Yeah, honey bade, it was like why would you pick a famous person? But isn't the entire point? That is kind of HMM. It's someone plucked from obscurity. Yeah, could be anyone. I think that whole vibe like it's not getting more viewers and I don't think for it to be so few monk or the Badger that I actually really did like the honey bud just season. I like the outcome. I think everyone was outraged by Think, Oh, I was perfect for the franchise at the time. Oh really, I just thought it was like I didn't watch the I didn't watch the season. I wasn't invested at all. I didn't was not interested in the honey badge. I didn't care who he was. I didn't know who he was. And then I happened to watch the finale just because it was on in my house and I was just like, okay, like I just didn't I think. I not think so. It is something to go wrong. I mean now they've written to the contract that you have to pick someone I'm pretty sure rights part of the well, the thing, the problem is, well, one of the many problems. Channel Ten like swears on their life that it's a the show is about love. It's not like they fully like they always say they fully stand by it. But truly, the way they edit and construct the show, that cannot be their actual vision. That cannot be the actual core value or belief about that show. It can't be. But they won't admit it, like they just refuse because I think, and this is just anecdotally and from watching snippets, I didn't actively watch, but wasn't the honey bad to season, the first one that was really produced? Wasn't there some like one of the I wasn't women like ran away? You know, it's use. It was like they come back. Yeah, there was a massive fight, but in those, those three girls. It's really interesting. I remember this. It was cat ROMMI and Alicia, and Alicia made it out of there really well because she was kind of the third that was just like a bit caddy, and now she was on batch and Paraton really like regained this, like her her character, arc, okay, went from being like the evil, bitchy girl to being like one of the most loved and now she's with the guy she met, I'm actually paradise, and they lived together in Perth. Okay, good for her, but it's like that sort of cat thing that happened that that caddie trio that like essentially to Neil Hmm got them kicked off by him. Got Cat kicked off by him, I think, or wrong, I can't remember. Doesn't matter, but that was one of the biggest like, oh my God, scandal l fight, very overproduced. I agree. Yeah, material, yes, and I think that was when... really turned. I knew a lot of people who used to watch and then stop watching after it became so produced, because they're like, well, this is just getting really American. That's what people were saying. Well, a lot of the aspects, I think, the parts that make the American season were watchable. Other things we don't have, like the the overnight stay. Yeah, it was called the honeymoon sweed or something. It's something that we sex room, yeah, sex cage, yeah, those sorts of things. And also they have proposal of the time at the end. Oh yeah, which we never have had. I think people wait from like no, that would make me disgusted. That's so weird. They've been a few proposals. Didn't Stam Frost get proposed to? So true in the in her finale that she was a contestant. Maybe, I don't know. I don't know. I didn't watch it. This is terrible getting a review we haven't actually really watched it. We're not really here to talk about the actual bachelor, and I we're not. I mean it's sad because it it's hard because when I talk about it I'm like, Oh, I really I enjoy watching it with my group of friends. I don't enjoy I could never watch it by myself. No, I think there's like really the seasons where I was like Matt, Maddie, J and Laura. Yeah, like I still follow both of them on instagram. I adore them and I think, oh, that was really like fairy outste yeah, they that had a second baby. Okay, there's a few seasons for like these people, like you could tell from almost the first day, like, oh, that's the one, like you really knew and it's lovely. And I actually think that overproduction and sort of the edits they give people are reducing hmm, like same as married a first site. If they actually was good outcomes, I'd be more likely to watch it. But I'm not watching it for the ridiculous behavior. It actually is such a turnoff for me. Surely most people are watching for the ridiculous behavior? I maybe, but I never rating the dying. Yeah, that's not not on maths, I guess, but bachelor's yeah, yeah, it's dying. Well, I guess. So the last season rated the worst. Yes, like particularly bad with the too bachelor. Yes, they had the worst premier. Yea, they had the worst finale, like it was dead set in stone that it was just the lowest rated season. Yeah, and I think it was because it's a little lot of articles were written about and critiquing the sort of franchise of where it was going. was we really needed some diversity. Yeah, and instead they went picked two white women. Yeah, which who they just kind of look like hitting. It's because they're not going to get enough drama from the guy, so they have to like make some drama between the contestants. And also so gross to me. I think it's kind of ridiculous that there's sort of this incestuous, like familial thing within like if you've been on the franchise that you kind of get to do you get a favorite from one season to go as the singular bachelor, or a bachelor of another season, like Ellie Miles, like you bring them back for their like second shot or they've been on paradise. So it's just a bit ridiculous to me because like instead of getting a fresh face, someone who's really looking for love and not for the sort of reality hit. Yeah, I mean obviously lot all for the runner up. Yeah, yeah, I think that works all, like I think time the runner up works. I mean I guess Ellie Mirs was a fan favorite of Matt the physicist guys. Yeah, we'll see. Astronomore, something really boring, something about the planet. I just remember, strologer. I just remember something like that and then abby was like I'm a Gemini and it was a joke and I made it like a fucking idiot. Oh, that was abby season. See, I don't haven't watched in many years, okay, but I'd vaguely. I remember the memes. I just think it's ridiculous that. I think the runner ups are good concept, but a lot of the time these people like a lie open, who was something a time. She was the bachelor after being both in paradise and on the Bachelor. It's like, Oh my God, changed a regular, like Shit, no one cares, like, yeah, she was honestly the most it was the most boring season a bachelor right right, like there was just nothing going on and the guys were boring. The whole thing was just a trace. I remember this. She was two girl next doors. Yeah, and I just found that it was like you need to get a fresh face person, because I'm not watching for sort of this like these people that are clutching, yeah, at this franchise to retain popularity. I think you only get two seasons. Yeah, like, if you don't, I don't know, I think you're done after that. Frankly, the runner up is different or someone who gets a really good edit. Yeah, he's different, but they've already picked. Like I think the people need to remember that the producers have already picked her. They're going to choot like put on the next season and they're going to give them a good edit. Yeah, so that people like them. It's not like, oh, she was a crown favorite, it's like we made her the current favor exactly. I have groomed her for the next one. One of the better ones was Georgia love. Yeah, I think she was plucked from relative obscurity. I don't remember her being on a season. You could edit this out if she was, but I don't think she was a random I think she's probably was the last randoms that was chosen. Yeah, yeah, so she didn't come from like no public following, but she I don't pretty sure she didn't come from the bachelor.

No, and I think she was like one of the last ones that was plucked. Yeah, and did I really enjoyed her? She's still with the guy that won. Oh, yeah, that's right. I think love the podcast shoutout. Yeah, everyone has an ex yeah, it's excellent. Listen on spotify. Is Excellent, but I think those people are the more authentic people that have been in the leading sort of positions in those seasons. YEA, and now it's just really fading. Like I haven't watched. I had known it was going on in the last bachelor at and Bachelor season, I lucky had so much drama. Yeah, I didn't. Also, just not believable anymore. Yeah, you know, as soon as like you can literally see the finale if they're going to be together, that you can just tell, but you because they've been a few times, when you know things have gone a bit of right. Yeah, yeah, no, I'm so bored by and I feel like now the biggest thing that's talked about is like, oh, are they still together now in real life, when by the time the finale ends, that's everyone's talking about. They're like now they're not together now, because I saw him out on the town. I saw this on instagram or where. Like. I feel like that has actually taken over from the hype of the finale. Is People being like are they still together now? Because people don't I don't. I don't. I genuinely don't think they will care if they not together now. They're just like, well, that's just TV. Yeah, but this is the thing. It's like their stats are going down. Like I remember a few seasons ago, I looked up and it was like fifty percent have us still together of all the seasons. I think it was when it was like ten seasons. was like fifty percent right, and now the last what three seasons? I look, Lucky's claiming to still be with the guy. I just don't believe that, though. Nah, I we just for fame. Becky has dumped with the next day. Oh my God, that's right, earlie. They're clearing up together, like it's so obvious to me. Yeah, she the one who the guy was, like someone she already dated once. No, it's that true? No, I don't think so. I's maybe can't. I don't know. What if about the season? Fuck, I think the oldest seed. There there's more success stories from the older season. Definitely, like our SAM would is with still with Nazana. Yeah, they've got, I think they've got two kids together, Yeah, plus her her daughter she already had. They've got a business together. They do like fitness things. Yeah, yeah, George, love those people that you just said. Yeah, Maddie Jay and Laura J lovens. Lie, yeah, it's Lee. I don't know. Yeah, but they wholesome Aus, so wholesome, so wholesome. Honestly, I always preferred, and I'm going to take this a quick side bar because I don't want to get to off topic, from Bachelor, but there are just so many dating shows that are better than the bachelor. Like. Yeah, please bring back dating in the dark. Please bring back dating naked. The netflix ones are good too, so funny. I'd love a first side I I lost it a bit with that, but I watched the whole thing. Yeah, did you clean to that girl who was like ten years older than her boyfriend? Yeah, and she likes spect like this whenever he was around and then when she wasn't, runches both this weird. It's odd, but it was a bit. It was pretty intoxicating, though. Also, it was like peek lockdown, so everyone was just like glued. Do you think that the decrease in popular of the Bachelot can be attributed to sort of our age group, the millennials, getting older and not giving a fuck anymore? I think so. I think that the it hasn't evolved with us because, like millennials, Jen said, honestly, I feel like they have not captured much of Jen's edge. No, because, Jen said, are actually starting to see like I've started noticing, even though I don't really know how to say this, even though, like when I was like a teenager and started growing up, there was no diversity anywhere. Yeah, I feel like it's been. There is enough of it now that I really noticed when there's no diversity. Yes, particularly, and I think what particular, what is in front of my eyes the most is like active war and swimwear being appetized, like on Instagram, I will immediately notice if there's nobody body diversity or race diversity. Yeah, and even I'm sudden to even notice because there's a lot of brands I follow who even have different like abilities, like they will have models with disabilities modeling, and now if I see a brand with just like white skinny women, I'm just like what. Yeah, so I think that the bachelor has lost a lot of its following because of a lack of diversity, but I also think that it's just maybe just free to add. Yeah, like, who's got time to like, like every time I hear someone being like I'm going home to watch batchlocks. It's Wednesday, I'm like hair, like, why would you were like watching TV at a certain time? That seems pretty like it is it honestly has gone out. Yeah, agree and like, as I was saying earlier, one of the stats I read about the bachelor is there's too that I thought really interesting. I never thought about how sort of stark that contrast is. In Thirteen sees they've had, I think, a hundred and thirteen contests and ninety five have been white. And in the last thirteen season, and so I don't think this includes Ellie and becky season, only one person of color has been in the final three in any of those seasons and that was Brook Blurton in honey badger...

...season. Yeah, who they like Quer Bated? Yes, really bad, which made me so mad. Yeah, because when they would like as I also watched this snippet. I happened to watch this snippet whether they where, she was like, I don't know what he's gonna say when I tell him and they cut to the AD break. I I don't know, maybe I think I was already I kind of dismissed the batcherl a lot earlier than a lot of people did and I was kind of like, what's this shit like? And then I thought maybe she like cheated on someone or was engaged before and broke off our marriage or like left someone at the altar like that. Something for what interesting in your relationship history. Yeah, I thought it was going to be like she actually did something like arguably bad to a partner without context. Yeah, exactly, and then she'd have to like explain the whole story and I was like Oh that, but then I also kind of was like it's probably going to be nothing. But then the fact that it was that she dated a woman before, like I was so bored by that. She went on the batchelor in paradise after that and they I think they revealed like how much each person is getting paid that season. Right, Alex nation was put in Bachelor Pardas in the same seasons Brook Blurton, because they wanted to get up I think they wanted to tea up sort of an LGBT I relationship for that season. Yeah, I don't know if it was like forced by the producers or like what happened, but that was and it was just interesting to watch how they like friend with the guy's been like Oh what what folck, like it was very I'm rolling that. So that's so. I would be so interested to know what the actual conversations were behind that, because I do wonder and I think about a lot. Actually is it's like I said this about the three people of color who have been employed to kind of lead Bona petite now, yes, and I I kind of said like like in my opinion it's too late for Bona petite, like they're done, like we're not for giving them now and there. It just looks so tokenistic to me to have those three people that they're, you know like now, splashing everywhere. But so I kind of think like good for those three people, even those shitty situation. I'm glad that they, those individuals, got a shot. Yes, at you know, such a Rhinali given, because actually they deserve exactly. But I also think like I don't have a right to an opinion on this because I don't, you know, like I'd see myself reflected in a lot of other places and I don't have a right to have an opinion. But I wonder if people in the community, or like people in the black community, are looking that and thinking, oh well, I don't know if that is actually helpful, because it is very obviously tokenistick. I think it's very complicated to I guess argument is like when just tokenism. Just tokenism work or not? Or it do we just need to have tokenism in order to move to the next stage where it's a bit more organic? I think it's a bit hard to yeah, so I don't know if what's hard because again, you're as you said, I think couple of says, you're not in the business of being offended on behalf of other people when you don't aren't personally involved in the issue. Yeah, but it's like, I don't know how I would feel being put in that position, because also if it's a sinking ship, MMM, and it's too little, too late, and then you've given that opportunity, it's like, well, now you've given me something that's dying and they now my foster turn this around. It's going to look bad on me. Yes, exactly, tokenistic act. Yes, I think it's really I mean, I don't know how I would feel. I obviously can't feel I'm a white woman. Yeah, like I again, I don't have a pause. I'm not in a position to comment, but agreed. I think it's really tough because is tokenism going to get us to the next step? Is it a stepping stone? Will Not really, because I think that there are a lot of brands and companies that are actually organic and at least trying to be authentic. Yes, in moving towards a more diverse workplace, but again, it really comes back to the way in which you approach it and what time, the reasons and, like what your goal is. Yeah, and again, yeah, I think it's like good on those people for getting that opportunity, but you'd be pissed as well, like you're doing this for the look, yes, a sinking ship. Or what am I supposed to do with this? Exactly, like the the yeah, they're to use the ship met for the ship is like already on fire and they just like putting these people at the hell, just like it's kind of like they've shtting them up with him. Hell. Yeah, exactly, and I am just I don't think I saw much. I didn't look into camp, like the comments from a black community on these three people being put in the position, but I just wonder what the comment was, and I guess it's you could say it about quotas as well, like the way I have a complicated relationship with quotas, because I see why they're relevant, but I don't always think they are. I don't think they're the best, yeah, solution, but I think because I think they're a band aid, but I I do see that they might be the solution that we require at the moment. Yes, in order to get more diversity. So that's what I wonder about Alex and Brook on Backshean Paradise, where they both said, like, oh, we're going to put you also, why not put like a few...

...people who are like, who are gay? Yeah, like, I guess, like, because they I don't know, they're obviously was set up to have the men be pissed because the those two women were interested in them and they get eliminated because, yes, exactly, it's like another man is eliminated because they're together. But yeah, it's like what you're saying, as you're basically like putting their sexuality at fault for their position and it's making this a weird steak in the game exactly, just like, quite again, not my position to be offended, but I think it's just not tasteful way to do it. No, as in, like you're actually setting these guys up to like look like shit heads, which they played into. Well, like, of course, but I think it's again, if it was done genuinely good for them. Yeah, but I think it was done again too late into the battle. Like there were a couple seasons of Bachelor and Paradise and many teasons of the bachelor and Bachelt before this. Yeah, and you could tell that it, like I you could tell that Alex nation was planted there with a lot of money. Yeah, in order for something like this, for the bachelor, French was to what, make themselves look better. Yeah, exactly, and I do want to clarify. I don't I didn't say that I want that they should put gay people in because by people are not gay enough. I just think it was interesting that they've like, why not make a bit more of an effort and put like a people with different sexual identity, yeah, into instead of just like these two well known by women, yeah, who have come out and have already competed in like threatened the great bachelor. Yeah, exactly, because the the guys are going to be like, well, he date, she could have me, but she's changing this. It's like one of the show I really love is naked attraction, and that's in the UK, and my whole house watched seasons of this and literally they have such a great representation of sexual orientation, spectrum essentials and like literally they would have people come on and say, you know, I'm Pan or demisexual bold while and then they would have like a range of people, so like whatever the contestants. So do have you seen the show before? No, essentially there's like five people. One person comes out and they're fully clothed and they are five people behind like colored sort of doors and they raise it to like their knees and then they have to eliminate someone and then they've raised it to like their belly and they can see, like you see everything of the fully naked. There's nothing blurred out. Okay, so it's it's like obviously a very body based show. Yeah, but they actually have surprised the lily good representation. Okay. So then they have someone like eliminated based on whatever, and obviously it becomes, yes, very based on someone's sexual appearance and and body. Sort of imagine acting someone because of the bottom of life, I know, right, but it gets their head and then they have like I think they have two people left, okay, and then the person who's choosing has to go away and get naked and then come out and then the two nude people say like whether they would or not, so they have a say too, obviously. Yeah, and then I have to go on a date and honestly, it never works out, which I think is fantastic because it really shows it's nice not away, but it is. Yeah, well, have you seen dating naked? No. Is it the same? No. So it's basically just like it's kind of like it's really old. I don't even know if it's still an errand anymore, but it's like I used to watch like a decade ago and it's just it doesn't follow the same couples at every episode is like new couples. Yeah, so they just have like a bunch of people and then they each go on a date, but they're fully nude, but they're like on a beach, like a tropical island, like in a deserted island. Yeah, and then they're like go swimming and they'll go, you know, eat lunch on the Beersh and I don't they were surprising me. Wasn't very much kissing really, because it kind of turned it into like, Oh, well, it's just normal to be naked. That's kind of but it was all blurred also but like with this was so interesting because some people would have like literally clip or Dick piercings and things like this and and this. This person would be like, Oh, I'm actually interested in someone who's got more hair in that area or like. And it was actually like it was done in a way that I thought was quite organic. Yeah, it wasn't like, Oh my God, that person did a flight of stomach. I could actually wasn't like that. It was more actually based in like that. surprised. I'm usually attracted to someone like I like the Niplet piercings on this person and Bob like. It wasn't really like it was never really liked that. It was quite respectful and they had a lot of bit like they had people who were able bodied, people who were disabled, they had people of all ethnicities, they had people like multiple genders and sort of like sexual orientations in one mix for one person. Yeah, and I thought so interesting, like how bisexual person chooses and Blah, blah, whow like it really gave me a lot of insight, like I learned so much about very interesting. Yeah, it was the whole show, just the picking. What did they go on? A data they go on a date after them, they come back and you find out if they're still seeing each other. They literally never were, which is so funny because I thought it was quite a respect what to do thing. Sometimes people would be rude,...

...but it would be like I you'd know that person was gross, like it was high not ever like supportive of that sort of an arc right sort of a decision. So they were painted as a villain if they did say yeah, and it was quite just upfront. Is a bit to British show, but yeah, you literally see everything and I became so much more comfortable with body parts watching that show. It was honestly my opening very interested at Bachelor, which is like, Oh my God, the red gown versus it's just like, oh my God, it's just so basic. It is all the days are so basic they are. And you know, what really makes me angry is how many people still look rave about it, particularly I've noticed in America, and I don't know if this is just because of the people I engage with, but I watch a lot of vloggers on Youtube and a lot and a lot of them are like women who are my age. You, they usually between like twenty two and thirty women. That I watch and whenever the bachelor is on, every single vlogger is talking about the bachelor, even the ones who are like outspoken feminists, even the ones who are, you know, a bit of like a I don't know, like a bit Hippie, like they live in like the forest in, you know, Idaho, and they are Vegan and they like grow their own fruits in the in the garden and they're just like on my God, bachelor tonight. I'm just like so shocking. What, like, why are we still exactly like, I feel like the con intuitive exactly, and my immediate friend group, which is very expensive, do not really watch the bachelor, but I think that's because my friends are people who are like me. But more generally, I am shocked at how many people still talk about the bachelor positively. You in a way that's just like chitchatting about what happened on the bachelor of last night and not about like, isn't the Bachelor so messed up? Like I don't I don't really think about the bachelor. I don't talk about until something POPs up in front of my face and I'm just like ill, and I just am truly baffled by the amount of outspoken feminists who talk positively about it, but also a lot of content is like, I'm going to critique the bachelor every week. It's like, why would you like? That? Doesn't make sense. Yeah, do a large critique, but don't do a weekly like, and this is why it's anti feminist. But I'm watching. I mean, I critique every episode. It doesn't get that's actually just you being a viewer. Yeah, actually, just you being an audience member actively and have likely and again to call back to what we said before, that was those reviews are one of the reasons that some people watch the bachelor in the yeah, and also some of those reviews are the literal, literally only reason that those media companies are afloat. Yes, exactly, if their whole demographic is yeah, bat like when it's the offseason, what about even I have not seen a punky post in months, like I can't even think of anything calling them out by some instagram influences and like prominent people on social media have only become popular through their recounts of the Bachelor. Yeah, yeah, it's a really interesting world and I think a lot of what we were saying regarding this sort of episode is that people like to slam the bachelor but simultaneously rave about Osher. Yes, and it doesn't make sense to me, as the person who bought to Australia and continues to host, help, produce, execute promote. He's arguably the face of the bachelor is. So we both have read lots of articles and reviews of the Bachelor who absolutely slammed the bachelor, but always talk about Osha very positively and say that he is like the exemption. So, yeah, the but the batches are really problematic, except for I shall. We love him. I'm problematic king. He's just yet he's the king and he's kind of like the cupid sort of symbol of the show and and has is this sort of like front of the brand. Yeah, is excluded and like not held accountable or responsible for any of that behavior. Yes, the narratives, the character asks anything to do with the bachelor. It's kind of just like he's this separate entity, even though he's actually so inherently linked yet to the franchise. Yeah, and that just confuses me. Me Too. I'm and again I think like what we said earlier was a void. Did this was that? We think, like it's not a critique of Oshers as a person. When we say this, not trying to go in for usher and say he's evil, but our problem is is that you actually can't have it both ways. So you can't say, Oh my God, the bachelor is Evil and problematic and I love it every Wednesday and Tuesday. Yeah, and then say Osher is my king. Yeah, it doesn't work because he actually is an executive part of that team and I just feel he's making the key decisions when they come up and he's profiting hugely, yeah, from it, from this inappropriate framing of real people with real lives. Yeah, he's the top ambassador of the yeah, the whole franchise, and he is the one who is going out and saying the things that we're talking about before. Oh, it's all about love. No, it's not for drama. It's all about love. Just want to help people find luck. He...

...brought it to Australia exactly. I profits great. It really does confuse me because, again, I don't know what he's like. I assume that he's probably a really lovely person. He's probably warm, charming, all these things, and he's framed does and there is a reason that all these contestants still hold him to such high standards, like as in you got abby chatfields, who was destroyed by her season of the Bachelor and Battle of Paradise didn't do a much justice either, and now she's come out and said, you know, F that that framing was terrible. How dare they do that? Good for her. But she's also like but our King Osha, and I'm a guess it must be. This must be because on set he is this lovely, warm person that gets to kind of like flutter around, but in reality, like how I don't understand how you can't have that critical thought behind he's instigating. Yeah, he is a key player in the decisions that are made around the show. Like if there's a big production question, I wouldn't doubt that he's part of the decision. Yes, exactly. Like I think that he's more involved than anyone gives him credit for. And he's not this like like suavely dressed host that like helps hand out the roses. He's not the person that, like, you know, says goodby and says how are you, and Blah Blah Blah. Like here's more than that. I think it's like really ridiculous and kind of sort of demeaning, like what? To me it's like, what do you think of our capacity as audience members if you can't connect the dots between Osha and the big decisions in this show? Well, I was just thinking, and particularly through a Pr Lens, and I actually talked about the bat shot in, ifso ten, of my podcast PR and politics, but I did bug. I'm not repeating my thoughts, so you can go back and listen if you like, but I actually have just been thinking about you've been saying that it is. They've obviously very purposefully made him appear to not be involved in those decisions and like he is just the host. Yeah, votes and he doesn't. You know, he's not. I mean he's not literally making edits. Obviously here's a team for that, but of course he is part of the entire production and honestly, the more I think about it, and I'm we're trying to be fair but not give him a free pass here, and which is a hard line to to walk. But the more that you were just talking then at the more I actually got really angry that he goes around claiming that it is all about love, yet he like either you're lying to us all. You're lying to yourself, like which one is it? Because sometimes there were times where I think and I look at things again through a Pr Lens a lot of the time these things, and I think, do you actually believe what you're selling people? Maybe you do, maybe you truly believe it because you're so out of touch with reality and you have been trained and you've been doing this stuff for so long that you actually believe that you have like positive motives when at the end of the day, the motive is money or views, which equal money. So I don't, you know, maybe he thinks that he's doing it for love, because he's really lost touch with reality. Yeah, yeah, it's still much confuse me, especially with someone who he's married with a son, like it seems like a really beautiful family. Yeah, and I'm like, you know, like how do we know though, again again. But what I my point is is like being on set in a production like that, where everything is done to the tea, everyone is made up to the nines, like it's it. It's so extensively manicured for television. How can you truly believe it is designed for authentic, organic relationships to form? Yes, exactly obviously they've had success in the past. They have many successful couples that are still a part of the public eye and seemed to be genuinely in love. Again, we don't know, but I truly follow them and love them, and I do. I don't think they'd be together for this song if it was fake. No, no, no, I'd like to think I believe in a few of them. I really do, and that's what makes you continue to watch it. But in the past five or six seasons I've truly not believed any of it. No, and like the found season was particularly it. Oh, fake, and so it was Angie's. Yeah, I thought, God, that's painful again, like more interesting people are being put on that franchise, but also a lot of people are being recycled for a little more reason than the fact that they got a good rating in their past season. Yeah, instead of actually bringing on someone fresh faced. Again. We made this point earlier, but I think it's like, ohhure, like you know what happens on these sets. You see the breakdowns of the cat fights are trying to produce and the edits are trying to make, and it's like, how can you truly believe it's actually about the value system of the bachelor. Is Core Focus is on love, like a come on, especially now. Yeah, please, like, come on, he's a smarter man than like. That's something. I wouldn't give it. I don't think that's like a he believes that he's lying to himself. I think it is just a PR tactic, yeah, to keep it going because it is dying. Yeah, exactly, it is really dying. Ratings are down. Hate it. Have you seen unreal? No, so unreal is a show.

I think it only had three seasons and then they finished it up. I believe it was on Netflix or stand but it's an American drama that is behind the scenes of a show that's similar to the boutchelor. Yeah, or it's based on the bachelor and it just shows like how much producing happens behind the scenes. And, like we said before, I don't think that the Australian Bachelor was this produced at the start, but it definitely got to be that around then. Honey, bad to season is. Yeah, that's when it's a white lea accepted that. That's when start happening to a greater capacity, where it's not just produces guiding, it's like producers facilitating and this season basically follows. So the main character is someone who has very severe mental health issues. I don't remember what they are specifically, but has very, very, kind of serious diagnosical issues and is kind of battling between like keeping her job and being a good person, because the shit that she does for her job is completely messed up. Like skip forward fifteen seconds if you don't want to spoiler, but one of the I think the first season actually ends in a suicide that's caused by what happens on the show. So this and when I after I watch this show, and also because this this came out a long time before people like abby chatfield started talking openly about behind the scenes on the bachelor on instagram and accessible places. So it gave me a kind of a peek in, and I know that it's a drama, but it gave me a peek in behind the curtain of reality TV. And when I watched that, I thought I'm actually done with reality TV, like I and I really don't watch it really at all anymore, aside from the odd like I did watch love at first sight on Netflix, but only because it was getting so much locked down high and I think it was way behyped. Like I did watch the whole season, but it's because I kind of got halfway through and I was like Manas yeah, and you know, lockdown taking was over. And and now the same kind of thing is happening with people like abby talking about it. And she's not the only person, but I think she's probably the most probab well known. Yeah, especially like a feminist sort of yes exactly, and yes exactly, and I think that now that we can kind of see what's happened, what happens behind the scenes or we've got a peak, I just I don't know why you would continue to like stand the bachelor. Yeah, after knowing that stuff like that. To me it's just more kind of cognitive dissonance. There's a show called reality check which is on ABC, I supposed by Tom Ballard, and essentially like focus on different people, including Abby Chatfield, and they kind of do an episode focus on like different people from different TV shows and like how they're constructed. So it's sort of the same premise. But one of them is like an editor over reality show who basically says, like I've ever seen something extremely dramatic like try to like extremely dramatic fight scene in something like it's probably me that helped make it, like yeah, I'm one of the people that cuts that together. And they actually fake correct, they actually but actually take they get like a film, like a sort of they get a scene and then watch how it's done. Oh really, yeah, it's like quite a fascinating approach, like it is brave, like, but again, the thing is is that I think these people aren't like that brave and admitting it, because everyone wants to watch it. No, I mean, I don't think I do. I think I used to, like I used to watch a couple of seasons and married it first time, but like, oh my God, like the Cyrell season, I love that season, that I refused to watch it after the exciting knew I was like this is toxic. Yes, so passive, but it had masses the worst. Yeah, it absolutely is the worst construction, because they literally used a lot of people in room together and be like you have to say this, wh we're not going home, sort of thing. Like yeah, threatening the people that are on the show. But again, people keep signing up, people keep watching, people want to see it. It is disturbing, honestly, and it's a cycle. Like, yeah, at what point do you like who's faulted it? Basically, because it's like people keep watching, people keep demanding more season. What people sign up to? They they know exactly. People keep signing up, even though they know, because they want, like they're ten seconds of fame or they want to like boost their instagram business. But then it works. Exactly, it works and the networks are still keep making them, but then people keep watching, like it's just like it for tap, we get something, you get something exactly, cloy system and yes, and for it to stop mean be networks being like this is not okay, and I don't really see that happening. I don't know either, because again, it television has been pushed so far that I like, I would like to believe. I would like to say that, from my personal perspective, if the Bachelor and mass went back to actually trying to create good outcomes, they'd get more viewers. But because they've done this and gone ahead and created this like absolute stress. Yeah, exactly. I don't know if people would. I would like to think that I would if it was genuinely focused on those things, yeah, and motivated by those things. I don't believe it is, and I don't know that the ratings would climb because I don't know what other viewers think. Like obviously people know how maniculed and constructed these fights and ridiculousness is. Yeah, but they're glued. But what about out? So I watch a lot of this is kind of...

...niche content on Instagram, like like tick tick tocks or reels on instagram of like couples like reuniting because one of them is come back from the military, or like a really old couple like one of them gets the other one flowers like just this very wholesome and a lot of it like I get like wrapped, like swept up in it for like the thirty seconds, but then sometimes I scroll past in the mines, probably fake, but that to me is like I would have much rather watch that road content because it's just like Oh, that's so nice. Yeah, but then I don't I don't know if that is, like you said, like do it's as everyone like to watch that is a people going to watch that for longer than thirty second? I guess it's like people just can't look away anymore. Yeah, and once you've seen it, you continue to not look away, yes, or as I think that they might, just I don't know if people will get bored with fluff now if it was, yeah, genuine romance. I don't know. I agree, and actually I didn't even plan to talk about this, but it's just popped into my head. I think that there is, like there is still so much. They're like watching two people date is so fascinating. Like I've been at restaurants and how like with my words and we are we like, Oh my God, those people in the first I do that tweet. That tends so fascinating. You just like try not to look at them, but your ears like pricked up and then you're the like. I remember I was sitting with my boyfriend once and he's just like, Oh my God, they're already talked about the divorces, like it's like, and he's just this definitely a first day, like it's very interesting. Yeah, and end so frooms on Instagram, who is a listen, dirt frooms price. Yeah, I don't know where. She's excellent. She's so funny. She's like it. She's a comedian journalist. Yeah, instagram person. Yes, and she had to instagram live dates. I didn't watch the first one, but the second one was with another person who's like semi Nonn instagram. Yeah, and it went for an hour and nick and I were glued to the phone screen. It was so good. It was one little part of it they got a little bit boring, but it was actually when I was talking to a friend. Yeah, I wasn't going to explain. I'm going to because it's like it's not the date that was boring. No, no, it was just a pre date content that was boring. Yeah, so basically she obviously had a planned out the content. So she was like by herself talking and her room. It was kind of there for the first like fifteen minutes. Then she like had her friend come on the instagram live and they kind of talked in that bit was a bit dry, and then she was back by herself and then the guy came in and then she the guy went off and then she called her parents and whilst there was yes, it was just so good and like she's Hilarious, she's really funny. It's an entertaining person. This is I don't this is going to offend, it's just the truth. When the Bachelor says were going to bring on like a different kind of girl and they bring on Angie Kent, that's not it. Yeah, when they bring on someone like rooms, that's Oh my God, I would watch. That would be honestly the best being content I've ever had. Like, I don't even doubt it. People don't like people. She has like a thirtyzero following on Instagram, yeah, which is really good. I don't think they'd ever put her on. They wouldn't, but they should. They should because she and it's because she's not like the classic like big boobed, like. Yeah, she's the funniest person. She literally has no filter. Like, like, if you follow rooms, you know what her brand is. It's like having a crush on Shane warn. Yeah, it is weird outfit. Yeah, get an on. She's just the coolest person and she's so natural and she doesn't care what you think. She's just post she's doing her thing and you're along for the right and that's exactly what she's like. That's the excellence that should be on something like the Batchel. It would truly change the game. Yeah, it would, although we have to mentioned she is like skinny and blocked. Yes, sois true, but always diverse, but a different type of characters. Yeah, she is, in someone who would actually bring the entertainment from like she would create the entertainment. She wouldn't have to be about inviting or they can put her in the guys in one in like a room with no like a furniture. You don't even it out. So Fun. But literally, that's the other thing that I think they try to get people drunk. Yeah, I don't know about shots of them to get people to say things or get messy. I don't want rooms. Just says it, although there wasn't a point. She was a little bit tipsy on there and the ID I've knows this one like scene where she was like touching up her makeup when her day was about to come back on, and it was like the most furious makeup applying its very they drunk girl and a club bathroom, which is highly entertainment. But she doesn't need the Alcal it. She's just like Butt Funny Person. She's literally never mentioned this online date again and months later, up every follower is still like sending her inboxes like update please. Yeah, I used to in a relationship and, like they have not neither the most of like a thing, except saying like maybe one day will tell you the story. Yeah, if we have no idea, everyone's hanging on like she just is the entertainment. Yes, exactly, and see that and, like when I was watching, I was like they could, this could be something. Yeah, we don't like, I don't care about the bachelor, but I really care about this a lot. Yeah, like people set alarms on their phones to come back for, you know, seven PM Sydney time to watch friends. I think you can constantly be surprised by what people will watch, because I think the thing is is that content is so available and so overconsumed and literally everyone is a performer on social media.

Yeah, but you'd be surprised by, like I'm constantly surprised by the things that I get trapped in on ticktock youtube and like I'm not a big like I'm not on those sort of video like apps that often. Yeah, but like everyone gets stuck in black holes on those sort of things. So I think, I think that producers of television would be surprised by what people prefer. But also I think I think you're right and I also think that they they could just peeck people a bit better. Like they're obviously peak picking the people who they think will be susceptible to being produced. Yeah, and that's why they're never going to pick someone like friends, because she's not going to be produced. She just do whatever she wants. Yeah, which is honestly so funny. It would be funnier than when they do how much better? Yeah, they're picking honestly vulnerable people that they think are going to fuck up. Yeah, and hot people, ball, and the people that they can say one in going and do this, just a suggestion. Yeah, the people that they can say go on and go and steal that person away from that person. Yes, Oh, you should tell him what's on your heart. Oh my God, yeakes, I actually thought about like what if I, like went incognito into the bachelor? Tended to be yeah, except they'd never pick me because I'm not like tall or skinny enough and I've a shaped head. The shaved head look would only go on the bachelor. It was like some really hot model. It's just frustrating. If you're a hot, skinny blond WHO's interested in going incognito, please email me. Yeah, like to have make an experiment. The last season I'll watch is and you can't season, because I thought here we go. They're trying to bring on like a real girl. And then I watched I was like this is one of the most fake season I've ever seen. It was actual instagram girl. She was on Goggle box. Oh, I thought that was abby. No, Abbey's from nothing. Abbey's, I thought I be was on Google bar. No, okay, I'm shook. Carry on. Sorry. Yeah, so I think like, especially with that whole Carl and thing and like there was this whole thing whet before she picked him. It came out that like he'd gone on for his career. Oh, and then she still picked him. What do they break up? Yeah, shucking shocking. Put a bit. Sorry. I actual really do. I do like Angie, but I think it's just a bit lame to come out and say, like we've got our Bogan Princess for the Bachelot and then she's like yeah, will track pants in this one ad like, can we please stop feigning relaable? Yeah, that's exactly it. Like, and I'm sure Angie is a relatable person, with the way that the bachelor frames it is like, yeah, you know, she's like any other girls. No, she's actually not. Yeah, like, and I remember a lot of I didn't actually watch that season and they didn't engage with it, but I remember seeing people talking about and saying like Oh, they're making her, you know, painting as being so relatable. And I also hate how much of the vitriol than the women have to wear. Yeah, when it's like you didn't choose to be framed this way. Exactly on Angie's fault. They've done that, because I'm actually sure that she is quite a normal, down to earth person. Yeah, but it's the fact that they've got this hot blond, still, MMM, tiny, petite, extremely fit, yeah, blond on and they're like, oh my God, she's just like the girl next door. So with Ali, who was like probably one of the most fit people I've ever seen in my life, and there's no problem with this, but has had a lot of work done, clearly. Yeah, and it's like people, it's not, cannot look like that. No, it's not. It's not okay for you to frame it says, like diversity or like normal women. Not, because it's not. It's not. And also, how reliable can you expect people to be when they have four thousand cameras pointed on them? Exactly, there was like one particular thing that I thought was really good from Auntie, which was like at the very start when there was a really gross counselor, who was David, the really disgusting, and she was like get out, and I thought that's great, but that was like the second episode of the season. And then from there and it was like she was dating the hot model dude. Yeah, it was there for his career. That counsel got fired. Yeah, also, the Guy Shwigs dam was Carlin. What my God. Oh, and column was like you have a little trauma. I was bullied in your four. It's like everyone was bullied in your for fuck off, Carlin, you look like a model. You are a model for your career. So high. I mean there's a whole nother conversation, but I hate when like really hot people in this like people bullied me because they said I was too skinny in the ninety. All you have this like tooth. That was just like fucking I like so really Prouma. I don't even have real trauma. Like get some real trauma, some real trauma. I don't have any trum but I don't pretend to have don't that Jack Point. Don't got a reality TV show me like it's really hard for me. You've got a sixpack. The well is easy for you. You are a white man who's come on this show because he wants to be a model professionally. Who already could model professionally? Yeah, you've scored the girl, broken up with her, you've got a career and you're like, I was bullied you. Goodbye, Carlin, good night, good night. If you found us just totally...

...relatable, a Grek, you come back next Wednesday for a new episode. Until then, head to cheek, Mediacom Dena, you to tie you over until then, by Good Baye.

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