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Asking For It - TRAILER


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Asking For It is an eight-part investigative series examining rape culture in Australia, and what it will take for things to finally change. Hosted by Hannah Kinder, produced in collaboration with Cheek Media Co. 

A lot of people are saying this is a woman's problem. Violence against women. That's a woman's problem, of course, because women are being assault and they're scrateful, but the people that are committing the assaults, I mean, so it's actually men that have got the problem, because we are the sex that are committing the assault. So we also want to make sure that blokes stopped raping women. If a guy has a proper conversation with virtually any woman, she will be able to name times when she was pressured into doing something she didn't want or her body was touched in a sexual way that she didn't ask for and didn't want. And it's normal men. It's your best mate, it's your uncle, it's the guy who coaches the footie club. You can't give your Consentushire to fright or your consent is obtained by way of words. I'll just look up the act when you're restorable, let you do it. I feel anger, but I don't want that anger to consume me Acho rill me, because that's just another level of power that that person had over there. They can be this sensible. You have to pursue sex like a...

...salesman from the nineteen eighties like always be closing. Do you want to try my milk? Saying a guy and a girl are on a couch and things are getting pretty hot and heavy and her mom walks in. He can stop. I think toxic masculine news real and I think unfortunately, toxic masculinity impacts everyone. My name is Hannah, I'm twenty three and I'm sick of my friends being raped. I want to know what's going on, what's really going on. I guess you could say I'm asking for it. A podcast by cheap media coming soon. M different, different, different,.

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